18 Best Sex Games That Bring Play to Your Pleasure in 2023: Lovehoney, Amazon, Target

18 Best Sex Games That Bring Play to Your Pleasure in 2023: Lovehoney, Amazon, Target

18 Best Sex Games That Bring Play to Your Pleasure in 2023 Lovehoney Amazon Target

    Courtesy of the brands / Amanda K. Bailey

    Spice things up with kinky cards, dirty dice, and other thrilling activities.

    Sharing intimacy with a partner is a great form of self-care; it feels good to feel good, after all, and couldn’t everyone use a little more pleasure in their life? But over time, it’s totally normal to find yourself falling into the same romantic rhythms and craving something new or surprising. That’s where the best sex games come in.

    Sex games freshen up foreplay with your partner (or partners), encourage you to explore racy moves and new routines, and keep your mind and body alert with the thrills of competition. From playing cards and dice featuring sex positions and horny dares to bondage board games and Jenga-esque sets that aim to turn you on, we’ve curated the cheekiest choices below from Lovehoney, Etsy, Babeland, Amazon, and Walmart.

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    • Lovehoney


      Sexopoly Board Game

      Whether you’re playing with a partner or a group (up to eight people), this sexy, silly game is styled after the classic game of Monopoly. Instead of boardwalks and avenues, the real estate in this game is more adult—like the Meryl Strips film studio, Crabbie Panties lingerie store, and the Pole Position strip club. Mixed in are question cards that test your sexual knowledge and Risky or Frisky cards that throw in dares. And if you can’t pay your competitors, you lose clothes instead of cash.

    • Lovehoney


      Lovehoney Oh! Hot Knots Beginner’s Bondage Game (3-Piece)

      Designed for folks who are new to bondage, this adventurous set includes a card deck printed with 52 BDSM-inspired directives (“Blindfold your lover…whisper a secret fantasy in their ear while you pleasure them with your hands”), a soft satin blindfold, and adjustable restraints. Each player is given switch cards that let a player switch the drawn action to their partner, as well as a list of household items to have on hand for extra desire.

    • Uncommon Goods


      Sex Talk Conversation Deck

      Ideal for the couple that perhaps struggles to talk about their needs and wants, this card game’s questions are designed to get you to open up about sex and desire. (Its creator notes that you could even use the deck solo to better understand what you’re looking for.) Some example prompts: “What helps you relax so you can be fully present during sex?” “How do you like to be kissed?” and “Do you like when your partner takes control in bed or do you prefer being in control?”

    • Adam & Eve


      Massage Seductions Game

      This game amplifies the pleasure of a rubdown by turning into a game that’s comprised of a card deck (full of seductive massage techniques and scenario ideas), a massage candle that melts into lotion, and a heart-shaped massaging tool that heats up (similar to a pocket handwarmer) and can be used across the body. According to one reviewer at Adam & Eve: “Great ideas for both men and women on how, when, and where to rub your partner till they are craving more and more.” Massages offer a ton of benefits; as SELF has previously reported, there’s some evidence that physical touch can lower blood pressure and increase feel-good hormones, while a small 2020 study in the Journal of Health Psychology found that couples’ massages are beneficial for both the giver and receiver.

    • Lovehoney


      All Night Love Affair Dice and Card Game

      It’ll be tough to grow bored with this card deck of 96 different challenges, split into kissing, touching, and licking categories (which are determined by your die roll). One Lovehoney reviewer wrote of the sexy game: “Got this for my husband as a gift and can honestly say this has given us a bit of a boost in the bedroom. The only thing I would recommend is to stock up on the props to really add to the fun.”

    • Lovehoney


      Sex!!! Board Game

      The aptly-named Sex!!! (lol) lets you and your lover or lovers race to the end of the board with a series of decidedly not rated-G foreplay moves along the way (massage, fingering, spanking, and more). The first player to the end of the board spins a wheel of sex positions and chooses whether to give or receive.

    • Lovehoney


      Lovehoney Oh! Kinky Confessions Card Game

      A twist on Would You Rather, this sex card game encourages you to open up about the things you’re into…. Or you can forfeit and “pay” by choosing from a list of horny punishments. Play with a partner or up to five people, and you’ll learn things like whether they prefer being spanked or doing the spanking, would opt for shower sex or bath sex, and more.

    • Babeland


      Chronicle Books Box of Dares

      Inside this foil-stamped box are more than 100 imaginative dares, ranging from the sweet (treat your partner to a candlelit dinner) to the steamy (blindfold and seductively touch your partner with a mystery object).

    • Etsy


      4 Lovebirds Sex Dice (Set of 5)

      For even more explicit dice, turn to this set of five from Etsy, which creates a variety of highly specific scenarios for you: two 12-sided dice lay out sex positions, while the rest of the dice determine your foreplay actions (lick, blow, stroke) and where they’ll occur (nipples, toes, ears; bedroom, balcony, bathroom).

    • Amazon


      Artagia Talk, Flirt, Dare Games for Couples

      With more than 12,000 Amazon reviews and a 4.5-star rating, this card game lets you choose between three categories: conversation, intimacy, and action. It’s straightforward enough that your foreplay won’t be hindered by trying to understand complicated rules, but the prompts could still lead to serious fun. Cards include: “Write your partner a little poem” and “Make a video of your partner doing a sexy dance using a chair.”

    • Target



      If you want to spice up your standard game night, change the rules of this childhood staple so that players have to remove an article of clothing whenever they land on a red spot.

    • Lovehoney


      Oral Fun Board Game

      With a roll of the die, move your game piece around the board and land on one tile (out of 69, naturally), which will prompt you to lick, suck, tease, or answer sex-themed trivia.

    • Lovehoney


      Sexy 6 Foreplay Dice Game

      If you’re heading on a trip that you hope includes lots of sex, consider packing this travel-friendly palm-size set of foreplay dice. Each of the six dice is split into categories that lay out who’s giving or receiving pleasure, what act they’ll perform (kissing, nibbling, or sucking), where on the body, how gently or roughly, and in what location (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and more).

    • Amazon


      Tingletouch Poker for Couples: A Card Game Like No Other

      This Tingletouch set turns up the heat far beyond strip poker with an elaborate board game broken up with various NSFW dares, truth conversational cards, and different levels of rewards (ranging from cuddling to climax). One Amazon reviewer wrote: “So much fun and such a turn on. You get so built up and can’t wait for the climax card. My husband and I loved it so much.”

    • Amazon


      Loopy Adult Game for Couples

      With four levels of intimacy (talks, kisses, fondles, and fun activities), Loopy lets you choose just how wild you want the game to get. Spin a wheel to pick from 150 sensual conversation starters and lusty action cards that teach you amusingly named sex positions like “Spork” and “Restroom Attendant.” Amazon reviewers also note that it’s just as fun to ignore the rules and simply grab cards at random.

    • Uncommon Goods


      Kinky Truth or Dare Pick-a-Stick

      The main difference between this mature version of pick-up sticks and the one you played as a kid is that there’s a whole lot more picking up of sticks, if you know what we mean. Each double-sided stick is printed with a truth and a dare such as “What’s your ultimate role-play fantasy?” and “Take me into the shower and wash me, slowly.”

    • Etsy


      Party Blox LLC Sexy Couples Game

      Upgrade your basic Jenga set with a tower of blocks printed with various dares like “Give oral tied up” and “Take a sexy nude picture.” (And if you want to get creative and spend a night writing your own truth and dares, you could buy a blank set on Amazon.)

    • Etsy


      GJ Passionate Press Ultimate Adult Sex Game (BDSM Edition)

      The focus of this board game is BDSM. You’ll establish safe words and then work through escalating stages of bondage, starting with foreplay like neck biting or blindfolded oral sex and then up to more intense moves, like hot candle wax and mouth taping. Bonus: You can download the digital version of the game and print it immediately after buying, so you can move straight to gameplay (instead of waiting days for delivery).

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