24 Best On Classics Markdowns: Take up to 40% Off Running Shoes and Workout Clothes

24 Best On Classics Markdowns: Take up to 40% Off Running Shoes and Workout Clothes
on classics markdowns
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If your wallet is feeling the pinch after the holiday shopping season, but still want to restock your fitness fits, we’ve got some good news for you. On, one of our editors’ favorite clothing and sneaker brands, is currently taking up to 50% off some of its best-selling products. Most of these finds are in the brand’s Classics section, a treasure trove of older (but still great) duds spanning running shoes, apparel, and accessories.


We love On for its high-performance gear that looks as great as it performs. Top-notch running sneakers don’t come cheap, which is why the brand doesn’t really do sales. But, any time we spot On products for less than full price, we jump on the opportunity to let our readers know.

So regardless of whether you’re a seasoned runner, a casual jogger, or someone committed to their New Year’s resolution of getting fit, there’s something here for anyone (and at reasonable prices).

Visit On’s website to take advantage of these exclusive prices.

Shop On’s Running Shoe Markdowns

Cloudvista Waterproof

On Cloudvista Waterproof

Now 47% Off


On Cloudstratus

Now 41% Off

Cloudflyer 4

On Cloudflyer 4

Now 41% Off

Cloudboom Echo

On Cloudboom Echo

Now 40% Off


On Cloudsurfer

Now 31% Off

Cloud 5 Push

On Cloud 5 Push

Now 40% Off

Shop On’s Apparel and Accessory Markdowns

Running Pants

On Running Pants

Now 41% Off

Hybrid Shorts

On Hybrid Shorts

Now 40% Off

All-Day Sock

On All-Day Sock

Now 50% Off

Tights Long

On Tights Long

Now 41% Off

Zero Jacket

On Zero Jacket

Now 44% Off

Performance Long-T

On Performance Long-T

Now 50% Off

Weather Vest

On Weather Vest

Now 40% Off

Track Pants

On Track Pants

Now 40% Off

Climate Shirt

On Climate Shirt

Now 40% Off


On Performance-T

Now 40% Off

Merino Long-T

On Merino Long-T

Now 20% Off

Ultra Jacket

On Ultra Jacket

Now 40% Off

Weather Jacket

On Weather Jacket

Now 40% Off


Shop More of Our Favorite Running Gear

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