3 Body Problem Is Netflix’s Newest Sci-Fi Epic, And Everyone Will Want to Watch It

3 Body Problem Is Netflix’s Newest Sci-Fi Epic, And Everyone Will Want to Watch It

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NETFLIX MAY BE a content juggernaut these days, but there was a time when its streaming platform was more of an experiment than a staple in most consumers’s homes. What took Netflix from a TV experiment to a major stakeholder in the future of filmmaking were its original shows, counting shows like Orange Is The New Black, House of Cards, and of course, Stranger Things among its earliest hits. The sci-fi hit, which focuses on a group of kids in the ’80s who uncover a supernatural conspiracy involving a young girl with powers, has lasted for 5 seasons and its final chapter is getting ready to enter production. And that means there’ll be a void left in the show’s place. That’s where 3 Body Problem comes in.

Based on a trilogy written by the Chinese author Cixin Liu, The Three-Body Problem starts by following a scientist in the 1960s, whose inadvertent interaction with aliens ends up changing the course of humanity forever. Over the course of the book series’s three novels, protagonists change and stakes increase to global and then intergalactic proportions. Since the trilogy’s translation into English, it’s become an international sensation, even earning the praise of President Barack Obama. Naturally, Netflix acquired the rights to the complicated story, and decided to create its own adaptation of the work.

The streaming platform is taking no chances in making 3 Body Problem (how Netflix is spelling it versus the book’s spelling) a certified hit. The series will be the first major Netflix project from Game of Thrones co-creators (whether you love or hate them for that final season) David Benioff and D.B. Weiss (who the streamer signed to a large overall deal following the Thrones conclusion; they’ve so far worked on the limited series The Chair and a few other projects, but 3 Body is by far the biggest in scale yet). The duo are teaming with with Alexander Woo (best known for True Blood and The Terror: Infamy) to oversee the show.

What else do we know about the show? A lot more. Here’s all the most up to date news about 3 Body Problem.

What is 3 Body Problem about?

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The Three Body Problem is a trilogy with shifting protagonists, but the first novel begins with Ye Wenjie, an astrophysicist who discovers a top-secret operation to find extraterrestrial life. When she makes contact with another life form, it warns her to cease communications for the sake of her race. Ye, undeterred, decides to reach out to the rest of the alien race anyway, putting the fate of humanity in jeopardy.

From there, the series jumps across time and space, chronicling what later becomes a major political and scientific conundrum. Without giving too much away, there are all number of twists and turns at a grand scale. And much like Game of Thrones, there are various protagonists you meet along the way… but the gruesome world of space travel and politics threaten to bring their about their untimely demises.

That said, TUDUM reported that Netflix will be making changes to the story and cast to make it easier to adapt for a more global audience.

Who stars in 3 Body Problem?

Due to the epic story being told, there’s a pretty big cast. Benedict Wong plays one of the main characters, Da Shi, a police officer who investigates various murders taking pace in the scientific community.

There’s also Jess Hong, Jovan Adepo, Eiza González, John Bradley, Alex Sharp, Zine Tseng, Rosalind Chao, and more. We’ll likely also have more character introduced as the story goes on and the world expands.

Is there a trailer?

Yes! We finally have an idea of what the vast world of Netflix’s 3 Body Problem will look like.

When will 3 Body Problem premiere?

The show will premiere on March 21, 2024. We don’t know how many episodes there’ll be, or how much of the book the show’s first season will cover (we’d assume that Season 1 will cover the entirety of the first book in the trilogy, but who knows)

But one way or another, we’re excited to see how Netflix plans to adapt the work.

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