7 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Making of ‘The Goonies’

7 Facts You Didn’t Know About the Making of ‘The Goonies’

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Even though The Goonies was released nearly 40 years ago, it remains one of the most popular films of our time. This cult classic, which centers around the themes of friendship and adventure, was directed by a young Steven Spielberg and starred an even younger Josh Brolin and Ke Huy Quan. Ahead, we take a deep dive into some surprising facts you may not know already about the iconic movie.

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Sloth Spent a Long Time in the Makeup Chair

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If you ever wondered how long it took John Matuszak to transform into Sloth each day of filming, the answer is a long time. The actor had to sit in hair and makeup for up to five hours daily to transform into the ogre-like character.


The Man Who Played Sloth Was a Former Football Player

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Matuszak had a full career as a football player before taking on the role of Sloth. Teams he played for include the Kansas City Chiefs and Houston Texans.

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The Goonies’ House Was Real

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The famous Goonies house, where characters Mikey and Brand Walsh lived, wasn’t some Hollywood-made set. In reality, it was a private residence in Astoria, Oregon. If you’re a Goonies fan, you’re in luck—the house still stands today. It was bought recently by a Kansas City entrepreneur who absolutely loves the film.


It Was Josh Brolin’s Breakout Film

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Josh Brolin may be a household name today, but nearly 40 years ago, he was preparing for his breakout role as Brand in The Goonies.

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The Idea for The Goonies Came at a Very Random Time

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Believe it or not, Spielberg, supposedly came up with the idea for The Goonies while he was busy shooting The Color Purple. As the story goes, it was on the Whoopi Goldberg-led film set that he began to wonder about children and the adventures they make up to fill their time.


Cyndi Lauper Was the Musical Director for the Film’s Soundtrack

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Award-winning singer Cyndi Lauper was tasked with curating and creating music for the film’s soundtrack. She included her song “The Goonies ‘R Good Enough” on the compilation, but hated the song so much that she refused to play it live for years.

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One-Eyed Willy’s Ship was Filmed on a Gigantic Soundstage

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Although much of The Goonies was shot on location in Oregon, the scenes that feature One-Eyed Willy’s ship were filmed on a giant soundstage in Burbank. The stage was over 32,000 square feet, making it the largest on the Warner Bros. lot during that time.

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