Are Dom and Georgia From Netflix’s Perfect Match Still Together?

Are Dom and Georgia From Netflix’s Perfect Match Still Together?

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Want to see your favorite reality television stars find love? That’s the premise of Perfect Match, a new Netflix show which tries to find out which of the platform’s stars are actually compatible. Contestants hail from Too Hot to Handle, Love Is Blind, The Circle, The Mole, and more. Set in a beautiful villa in Panama, the show is all about pretty people in pretty locations.

Throughout Perfect Match, contestants get together and once the most compatible of the bunch is found, that couple gets the power to make or break new relationships amongst the other contestants. In this show, everyone gets the chance to play matchmaker. And there’s no end to the drama.

Dom Gabriel, one of the contestants on Netflix’s recent reboot of The Mole, matched up initially with Francesca Farago from Too Hot to Handle. Although the two had chemistry, once Farago’s ex, Damian Powers arrived, she dumped Dom. Dom almost left the show over the heartbreak, but then found Georgia Hassarati. The two appeared to be a great pairing throughout the show, and became one of the couples that viewers were rooting for after seeing Dom’s brutal breakup.

The show filmed back in early 2022, so a lot could have gone down between the end of filming and now. So fans are curious to know if Dom and Georgia are actually together post-show, or if their romance wasn’t built to last. Here’s what we know about the couple’s current status.

Are Dom and Georgia From Perfect Match Still Together?

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As far as we know, Dom and Georgia are still together. There’s still one more batch of Perfect Match episodes to come out on February 28, so until then, we won’t know the ultimate fate of the couple. Who knows? Another ex could come back and throw a wrench in their relationship, or they could meet some other hurdle that ultimately spells the end of their match. We’ll have to wait and see.

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