Ask HN: Is there a data set for GitHub repos associated with academic papers?

20+ tools to help you mine and analyze GitHub and Git data[0]

“Google Scholar, Microsoft Academic, Scopus, Dimensions, Web of Science, and OpenCitations’ COCI: a multidisciplinary comparison of coverage via citations” (2020)[1]

“Analyzing the GitHub Repositories of Research Papers”(2020)[2]

HN comments on “OpenAlex: The Promising Alternative to Microsoft Academic Graph”[3] has additional related links

“The Lens”[4];

Resource reference links to related knowledge graph sites(2022)[5]


[0] :…

[1] :

[2] : “Analyzing the GitHub Repositories of Research Papers” :…

[3] :

[4] : The Lens :…

[5] : “The Microsoft Academic Knowledge Graph enhanced: Author name disambiguation, publication classification, and embeddings ” :…


post publication edit addition #1:

If have github reference, can try and use [i] to find related papers.


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