Babs Olusanmokun Breaks Down His All-Inclusive, Dune Ready Diet

Babs Olusanmokun Breaks Down His All-Inclusive, Dune Ready Diet

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BABS OLUSANMOKUN’S DIET can morph into whatever his tastebuds desire because he puts the work in. The Dune Part Two star can go from eating Mexican food three days a week to eating at his Italian restaurant of choice while still maintaining a striking physique. Speaking with Men’s Health, he attributes this enviable diet freedom to one nutrition philosophy: “You can eat like a pig, but you have to train like a beast.”

Part of the training that allows him to maintain food flexibility is high-intensity, sweaty jiu-jitsu workouts. The trick to getting through the type of jiu-jitsu workouts Olusanmokun does is genuinely loving it to the point where the feeling of not working out is worse than actually going through it. If his work schedule precludes him from tossing people around to get his cardio, he makes sure he’s hitting the dumbbells for bodyweight exercises. That doesn’t always mean he’s rewarding himself with a hearty meal.

“When I’m working, it could really just be boiled eggs. Monk-like—Eggs, no salt, lots of fruits.”


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You don’t get the type of body to convincingly be a fierce Fremen warrior of Sietch Tabr by only eating like a monk. His typical diet includes a more all-inclusive affair. He starts with a high-fiber, high-protein breakfast of eggs, oatmeal, blueberries, bananas, apples, and orange juice. Lunch is also packed with protein and foods like steak, fish, or chicken. After two big meals, he scales it back for dinner with a lighter menu. He’s also a lover of desserts like apple pie and vanilla ice cream. But, he has to watch his intake; otherwise, this cheat meal is a regular occurrence.

For someone who admits to us, “If I could get away with eating, I would,” Olusanmokun has some strong food stances. He’s unequivocally not a fan of burgers. If he had to choose between burritos and tacos, it would always be the former because of how small the latter is. A good piece of bread is a great way to his heart. You have to have strong opinions about food if you’re going to be able to have dinner with the character of his he said he would dine with if he could. “Jamis from Dune has some stuff to say. He’ll probably slap you on the head if you use your silverware improperly.”

Some like their meals with a side of arguments. When you’re as disciplined as Olusanmokun, you can eat whatever you want, however you want.

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