Big races coming up: pro athletes lining up all over the world

We are on the eve of a huge weekend of racing, with professional athletes lining up all over the world. Below is an overview of the races, including some of the biggest favorites.

World Triathlon Cup Wollongong

The international race weekend kicks off on Saturday with the World Triathlon Cup Wollongong. In the women’s event, however, the race is skipped by the best triathletes in the world, yet with Rachel Klamer, Ainsley Thorpe, Ilaria Zane, Jaz Hedgeland, Lisa Perterer, Sian Rainsley and Emma Jeffcoat, there are several top athletes going for it.

In the men’s race, the pro field is stronger for sure. Big favorites seem to be Matthew Hauser, Jonas Schomburg, Tayler Reid and Jacob Birthwistle.

Challenge Gran Canaria

Around the same time, Challenge Gran Canaria will take place. Biggest names for Saturday are Kristian Hogenhaug, Dieter Comhair, Marcel Bolbat, Svenja Thoes, Margie Santimaria and Lydia Dant. Racing will be tough on the Spanish island, with much wind and high temperatures.

Ironman 70.3 Lapu-Lapu

A strong pro field is also coming together on the Philippines. Among those racing in the women’s race are Els Visser, Lucy Byram, Anne Reischmann, Lottie Lucas and Nina Derron, while in the men’s race are Daniel Baekkegard, Henri Schoeman, Thomas Bishop and Caleb Noble among others.

Ironman 70.3 Valencia

The new Ironman 70.3 Valencia also has a very strong field of participants at the start. Jan Stratmann, Antonio Benito Lopez, Léo Bergere and Antony Costes are leading the men’s field, while Laura Philipp, Sara Perez Sala, Judith Corachan Vaquera, Daniela Kleiser and Elisabetta Curridori seem to be pulling the cart in the women’s race.

Ironman South Africa

Thousands of kilometers away we can look forward to an exciting battle at Ironman South Africa. A great battle awaits there for sure, as the race is strongly fielded: in the women’s race, Daniela Ryf, Daniela Bleymehl, Magda Nieuwoudt, Susie Cheetham and Laura Zimmerman, among others, will be racing, and in the men’s race Matt Trautman, Mathias Petersen, Rasmus Svenningsson, Bart Aernouts, Alistair Brownlee, Josh Amberger, Cameron Wurf and Andreas Dreitz.

Ironman 70.3 Peru

Ironman 70.3 Peru is by far the least strongly fielded race of the weekend. We will see Pamella Oliveira, Bruna Stolf, Ariette Gonzalez, Luciano Taccone, Fernando Toldi, Benjamin Deal, Reinaldo Colucci and Igor Amorelli racing.

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