Bills Firing of McDermott Suggested by Cowherd: ‘He’s the Problem!’

Bills Firing of McDermott Suggested by Cowherd: ‘He’s the Problem!’

Colin Cowherd calls Bills coach Sean McDermott “rigid” and “tone-deaf” and in discussing the Stefon Diggs controversy suggests a Buffalo firing should be right around the corner.

In Stefon Diggs’ cryptic social media posts regarding his semi-absence from mandatory minicamp on Tuesday, the often-dramatic Buffalo Bills star references “lying” by a “big dawg.”

Is coach Sean McDermott the “big dawg” in question? Is the Bills boss “the problem” with the AFC East powerhouse?

The first question is one Diggs should answer. The second question is one being raised by FS1 television provocateur Colin Cowherd, who this week on his show – clearly fueled by the Diggs controversy – suggested that McDermott is “the problem” with the AFC East organization … and took a step beyond that.

“Sean McDermott, last chance,” Cowherd said. “He’s the issue. I watched him get out-coached by (Miami’s) Mike McDaniel three times.”

We’re not sure how Cowherd has come to the Miami-vs.-Buffalo conclusion; the two teams played three times last year, including in the playoffs, and McDermott’s Bills won two of the three – including that important postseason game.

Cowherd called McDermott “rigid” and “tone-deaf,” a conclusion he bases on the fact that McDermott has a defensive background as a coach.

McDermott’s critics are ignoring the fact that he has led the Bills to three straight AFC East crowns and to at least the Divisional Round of the playoffs in each of the last three seasons – and that would be enough in some cities and in some circumstances.

But it is true that the coach has failed to get the team to the Super Bowl … and in fairness, quarterback Josh Allen and Diggs – two of the reasons Cowherd believes this should already be a title team – have failed right along with their coach.

Another seemingly twisted note: After missing Tuesday’s session – which was apparently all the fault of the defensive-minded “big dawg” – Diggs showed up for Wednesday’s mandatory minicamp practice. … But with no credit given to McDermott for possibly being involved in smoothing out the team’s way to a solution.

And more twists: Two seasons ago, Cowherd talked about how if he owned a franchise, McDermott would be at the top of his list of potential head-coach hires. And one year ago, he listed the “eight best coaches in the NFL” – and mentioned McDermott first!

“It’s really not that serious,” Bills pass-rusher Von Miller said of the Diggs situation, showing wisdom and patience that the media cannot sometimes enable itself to do. “Everything will be good. I know it’s a hot topic right now — just trust me on this one, it’s not that serious. Everything will get worked out.”

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