Bitcoin Price Set To Hit S50,000 in 2023 as New Cryptocurrency Presales Explode!

Bitcoin Price Set To Hit S50,000 in 2023 as New Cryptocurrency Presales Explode!

Various experts predict Bitcoin reaching $50,000 in 2023 as the crypto market enters a massive bull run. This is great news not only for BTC holders but for several new cryptocurrencies currently in presale. The market’s recovery will put them in the spotlight, ensuring maximum exposure and attention from investors.

Bitcoin Recovery Helps New Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin’s resurgence is attracting a lot of attention to new cryptocurrencies and tokens like Love Hate Inu (LHINU), DeeLance (DLANCE), Metropoly (METRO), Ecoterra (ECOTERRA), and RobotEra (TARO) are already benefiting from it. All of them are experiencing a massive boost to their presales and drawing new investors. Here is what you need to know about them if you are looking for a solid crypto investment.  


Love Hate Inu (LHINU) – Vote2Earn Online Polling Platform

Online polling is an important source of valuable information for various organizations, including companies, brands, and even politicians. Having a finger on the pulse of your customers (or voters) can make or break any campaign and getting reliable feedback is a critical mission. Doing that with Love Hate Inu makes the entire process a breeze and guarantees verifiable results every time.

Based on popular meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu, Love Hate Inu takes things one step further and introduces a real utility for its native token LHINU. This is what sets it apart from the majority of the competition and provides it with a steady demand to drive the price up. Not even crypto giants like Bitcoin can provide this, which is why so many investors are rushing to get their hands on LHINU while it is on presale and cheap.

LHINU already raised more than $5.3 million and there are rumors of presale ending way ahead of schedule, as the allocated supply is dwindling. That means there isn’t much time left to get it before it hits the open market.


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DeeLance (DLANCE) – The Future of Freelancing

Freelancing is one of the fastest-growing job markets in the world. While the cons and pros of it have been debated ad nauseam and the case can be both for both sides, nobody can deny that freelancing is here to stay. The number of freelancers continues to grow each year and even now they constitute a sizeable chunk of the workforce worldwide.

One thing that most freelancers complain about is the lack of a platform that will A) be transparent and B) won’t charge an arm and a leg for its services. DeeLance fulfills both of these conditions. Current market solutions, like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are fairly expensive and not very user-friendly, to boot. These are the main issues a vast majority of freelancers who use these platforms have problems with. They are also the main selling points for Deelance and the reason why many experts predict a bright future for this platform.

DLANCE is the native token of the system and will be used for all transactions. As such, it will have an inherent value not tied to the frequent ups and downs of the crypto market. That alone should set it apart from the huge majority of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

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Metropoly (MET) – Excellent Real Estate Option for Young People

Many experts agree that real estate prices have never been higher. This makes it extremely difficult for young people to own, let alone invest in a property. Metropoly offers an elegant solution to this problem, one that is guaranteed to be popular among the younger crowd, and the reason why many consider it a better investment option than Bitcoin.

Metropoly utilizes something called fractional investments. In essence, it allows people who can’t afford massive investments to invest as much as they can. In fact, with Metropoly you can become a part-time owner of an attractive property for as little as $100.

Powering the entire Metropoly system is MET, the native token used for all transactions within the platform. Once Metropoly gets off the ground, the demand for MET will be immense, providing constant upward pressure and securing high returns for early investors. That is why it is a smart idea to get it now while it is in presale and can be bought cheaply.

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Eccoterra (ECOTERRA) – Best Green Crypto for 2023

Recycling is a big part of efforts to reduce the human footprint on the planet and help combat the effects of global climate change. Any project that helps in increasing the rate of recycling is guaranteed to be both popular and highly profitable. Ecoterra is one such project, employing an innovative Recyle2Earn principle to get people to step up their recycling game.

Each time you log in your recycling in the app, you are eligible for a reward, paid in ECOTERRA, the app’s native cryptocurrency. The gamification of recycling continues to develop popular Play2Earn (P2E) mechanics, widely used in the gaming industry and beloved by users.

ECOTERRA is already a huge success with investors, who are buying up the allocated presale supply. If you hurry, you can also benefit from this amazing token and enjoy some massive returns once it appears on the crypto exchanges later this year.

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RobotEra represents a new generation in metaverse gaming. The game tasks the players with rebuilding the ruined planet Taro, devastated by the civil war. To aid them in their mission, players have robot various tasks, like gathering and mining resources and constructing buildings.

The feature that sets RobotEra apart from most metaverse titles is that players actually own the land they are improving. The ownership of this digital property lets them create their own piece of metaverse haven, increase its value, and potentially profit massively from selling it.

That is just one way players can make money from playing this amazing Play2Earn (P2E) game. Every in-game asset is created in the form of an NFT, meaning it can be improved and sold on the marketplace. The game also offers rewards for various successful plays, especially cooperation between the players. All rewards, as well as all transactions in the game, will be powered by TARO, RobotEra’s native currency.

The game is planned for launch later this year, but you can already get TARO on presale.


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Even though Bitcoin is pumping again, with some predictions claiming it will reach $50k this year, there are several tokens currently in a presale that can offer a better investment alternative. Tokens like LHINU, DLANCE, MET, ECOTERRA, and TARO aren’t as dependent on the volatility of the crypto market and therefore a safer investment than BTC.

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