Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Accuses Beloved Sporting Icon of Substance Abuse

Boxing Legend Mike Tyson Accuses Beloved Sporting Icon of Substance Abuse

Mike Tyson, the former two-time heavyweight champion, in a sitting with WWE Hall of Famer, Mark William Calaway, widely recognized by his ring name, The Undertaker, remembered a late legendary professional wrestler and accused him of substance abuse.

‘Iron’ Mike came up with this stunning piece of information when The Undertaker mentioned the name of the legend.

Talking about his initial career with the company, Undertaker said, “I wrestled Warrior quite a bit when I first came up.”


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Notably, ‘The Ultimate Warrior’ was a big name in WWE in the 90s when The Undertaker has just started wrestling. Initially, the icon was into bodybuilding but later he became a professional wrestler. With his unique style, and larger-than-life persona, he gained a lot of success in the ring and became the face of the company. It was in the latter part of his career, he parted ways with WWE over differences with the company’s boss.

The Undertaker defined Warrior’s entrance as, “Yeah, you know he’d always run down the Ring full speed and bounce around but the thing was after he did that. He was gassed. But he couldn’t hardly breathe.”

What did Mike Tyson tell The Undertaker about Warrior’s drug use?

Tyson was Warrior’s contemporary. When the latter was projected as the face of WWE, Tyson was the heavyweight champion with the most destructive fists. He is well acquainted with Warrior’s persona and the stories about him.

Therefore, when he heard Warrior’s name in his conversation with The Undertaker, he said, “I thought he was on drugs. I ain’t seen a guy like that before. He was ripped.”

To which, The Undertaker replied, “Oh, yeah he was ahead of time.”

Next, Tyson added, “I’m not talking about steroids. He was doing some other kinds of stuff.”


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After leaving the company, Warrior took to public speaking. Though he made a few more appearances as a wrestler, he never returned to the sport as a regular. In 2014, at the age of 54, he took his last breath. Following that he was inducted into the Hall of Fame.


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