Canelo Alvarez Plays Down Ryan Garcia’s Biggest Advantage Against Tank Davis

Canelo Alvarez Plays Down Ryan Garcia’s Biggest Advantage Against Tank Davis

With barely a month left, the hype around one of the year’s most significant fights between Gervonta Davis and Ryan Garcia is increasing by leaps and bounds. Aside from the regular fans and pundits voicing their justifications on who would be the winner, many current and former boxers seem to be putting their two cents in. The fight draws in two of the biggest hands in the Lightweight division. While both fighters have enjoyed a spotless career so far, any feature that lends the other a clear advantage is getting picked for immediate discussion. But Canelo Alvarez seems to think otherwise.

Israeli-American sports reporter Elie Seckbach who runs the sports channel ESNEWS on YouTube, spoke to the undisputed Super Middleweight champion today. The latter was at the press conference of his upcoming fight against British boxer John Ryder.

The first need is that you be a competent fighter – Canelo Alvarez


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So during the photo ops, Seckbach asked whether he’d seen the Davis-Garcia press conference and his overall impression. Canelo responded that he saw the highlights. But, the ESNEWS founder continued, “Ryan is a bit taller against Gervonta.”

And Canelo replied that it doesn’t matter whether an opponent is taller than him. After all, on several occasions, he ended up fighting taller guys. So whether you are tall or short is irrelevant if you’re genuinely skillful as a boxer.

Look sometimes…..I think for me, I don’t care about tall or not. You see, you see me fight taller guys. When you’re a good fighter, you don’t need to be tall.” He said.


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To many, this might come as a surprise since Alvarez and Garcia were once good friends. However, once teammates, their terms turned sour as “KingRy” decided to leave Eddy Reynoso, the chief trainer, to the Super Middleweight champion. Reportedly, Garcia felt he wasn’t getting the support he needed. Hence left with few alternatives, he went looking for it elsewhere.

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Since then, tensions have been high between the two boxers, with Alvarez even criticizing the twenty-four-year-old boxer’s efforts. It is doubtful whether they would return to the good old days, but to thaw the friction, last year Garcia invited Alvarez to see his bout against Javier Fortuna.


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