Colts reportedly set a deadline of Tuesday for a Jonathan Taylor trade

Colts reportedly set a deadline of Tuesday for a Jonathan Taylor trade

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If you want to trade for Jonathan Taylor, you’re on the clock.

The Indianapolis Colts have set a deadline of Tuesday for a Taylor deal, ESPN’s Stephen Holder reported. Taylor was given permission to seek a trade earlier this week. That deadline doesn’t make the Colts seem too serious about dealing their star running back, but they also want some clarity on the situation before the season starts. It also seems like another way to squeeze Taylor, who the team has been at odds with for weeks over Taylor’s unhappiness with his contract and subsequent request to be traded.

Holder reported that six teams inquired about Taylor and two of them made offers. Holder previously reported the Colts wanted either a first-round pick or a package that equals the value of a first.

The Miami Dolphins have reportedly been involved in discussions with the Colts, via longtime Miami reporter Barry Jackson. Of all the teams that could consider a Taylor trade, the Dolphins might make the most sense. Their running back room is thin. Taylor, an All-Pro in 2021, would fix that. Taylor’s talent isn’t in question. But teams not only would have to give up a lot in a trade, they’d then have to negotiate with Taylor on a new contract.

Maybe the Colts don’t really want to trade Taylor. He’s a big part of their offense, especially with a rookie quarterback. Even if they don’t want to sign Taylor to a huge extension, they know he’s valuable. It seems unlikely a team would give up a first-round pick (or similar value), and the Colts probably know that too.

This seems like some drama that could continue into the regular season. If the Colts have their way, it’ll be settled by the end of the day next Tuesday.

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