Costco’s Viral Modular Table Is Back in Stock in Multiple Colors

Costco’s Viral Modular Table Is Back in Stock in Multiple Colors

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THE BENEFITS OF owning modular furniture is that you have unlimited options to arrange it to suit your space. For instance, want a sectional but live in a small apartment? Perhaps opt for a three-seater with a moveable ottoman that can double as a footrest, coffee table, or even as an extra seat when guests come over. Similarly, we love the idea of a dining table that can collapse or expand to accommodate people. And as luck would have it, Costco just restocked its viral Transformer Table. (Can you hear that? It’s the Internet collectively freaking out.)

Costco Transformer Table Dining Set

Transformer Table Dining Set

Costco Transformer Table Dining Set

For the uninitiated—a.k.a. those who didn’t jump on the bandwagon last summer—the Transformer Table is the space-saving gift that keeps on giving. With the help of its ball-bearing system, this single table can easily extend from 18 inches to 118 inches! Whether you’re looking for a compact console table for your foyer or a big banquet table for your next dinner party, this six-in-one piece is designed to deliver. Simply choose the perfect length for your needs, add the leaves on top, and you’ll have a fully functioning table in no time. This table even comes with chairs and versatile, extendable benches so you can seat up to a dozen of guests.

Want to see the Transformer Table in action? Watch a video Angela Ackerman posted to her popular Instagram account @costcoguide. She spotted the back-in-stock product at her local Costco (in the dark gray shade) and shared the happy news with her IG followers. Her post, of course, was met with the utmost enthusiasm and plenty of heart-eyed emojis.

“I love mine,” wrote one happy customer. “I love how you can order it in the warehouse and they ship it! No need to get a pickup to haul it home.” Speaking of which, Costco is currently selling a few versions online, so you can buy this do-it-all table from the comfort of your couch. Although the Transformer Table might blend ease and efficiency into one piece of furniture, its price might be a tough pill to swallow. Starting at $2,000 for a four-piece set, the Transformer Table is by no means cheap. However, when you think about how much mileage you’ll get out of this single surface, it could be one of the best investments to make for your space!

That said, if you’re looking for affordable alternatives and more styles, Amazon has similar ones you can buy right now too.

Expandable Dining Table

Pvillez Expandable Dining Table

Extendable Console Table

Henf Extendable Console Table

Extendable Table Made in Italy

Mobili Fiver Extendable Table Made in Italy

Extendable Console Dining Table

Casabianca Home Extendable Console Dining Table

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