Dale Earnhardt Jr Makes a Jaw-Dropping Claim About Chase Elliott & Olivia Dunne, Exposing NASCAR’s Involvement

Dale Earnhardt Jr Makes a Jaw-Dropping Claim About Chase Elliott & Olivia Dunne, Exposing NASCAR’s Involvement

The influence of the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce romance saga has oozed into the tracks of NASCAR as well. After the superstar’s latest appearance in the Arrowhead Stadium to attend a football game of Kelce’s team, Kansas City Chiefs, the sports world has been abuzz with talk of the couple. And NASCAR’s fences couldn’t keep them out either. As racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jrsat down to answer questions on The Dale Jr. Download podcast, a question from one fan pulled him into the same fleet.

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Having been asked to choose a driver from the grid to replicate the kind of buzz that Swift and Kelce created, Junior made his call and opened up on a surprising revelation in the process.

Dale Earnhardt Jr picks Chase Elliott as his champion to promote NASCAR by dating a superstar


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Sunday was only the fourth time that Taylor Swift attended a football game that featured Kelce. Igniting in July, talks of the couple being in a relationship have circulated in the media for a long time now. Though they have not officially announced anything yet, fans continue to put the idea of the two dating. Regardless of their relationship status, the attention that the entire deal has generated is massive for American football. Curious to know if a driver from NASCAR could have the same potential, the fan’s question went, as quoted on the podcast, “Who would the NASCAR equivalent to beat… like Taylor Swift dating Travis Kelce would be. Ryan Blaney? Denny Hamlin?”

Playing sport, Junior answered the question but left Team Penske driver Ryan Blaney out of the pick aware that he was already in a relationship. Choosing Hendrick Motorsports’ Chase Elliott, the former racer used the example from the past to back his choice. Talking about the time Elliott had made NASCAR bring famed gymnast Olivia Dunne to a race, he said, “Yes. I believe that Chase went to NASCAR and said ‘I think she’s cool. I love to meet her [Olivia Dunne] and I think it would be great for NASCAR, if you invited her to come to the track. Some of her fans might be curious as to why she was there and they may in-turn experience NASCAR for the first time.’”


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Mentioning how Elliott had used NASCAR’s want for economics to his advantage, Junior was quite impressed with the youngster. He continued, “So I believe Chase sort of leveraged that actually happening which is really cool on Chase’s part.  If it’s anybody, it’s gonna have to be Chase Elliott. If anybody can create that type of buzz in the sport it would be him.”

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Despite Junior’s revelation, it might not be Olivia Dunne that Elliott ends up creating buzz with


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It was the 2023 Cup Series race at Nashville Superspeedway that set the talks of dating between Dunne and Elliott. After Chase Elliott posted pictures of the two having a chat at the speedway, fans began circulating rumours about the two being in a relationship. But within a few hours, the tweet was removed from Elliott’s “X” handle and a full stop was put then and there.


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As per the latest information surrounding the gymnast, she could be in a relationship with MLB star Paul Skenes. Chase Elliott himself has been rumoured to talk of being engaged to Ashley Anderson, but no party has confirmed this. Talking to former Kenny Wallace last month, the driver had expressed his disinterest in getting married. So, for now, we will have to wait to see if Dale Jr’s pick ends up recreating something along the lines of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.

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