Dodgers’ Perilous Home Ground Strikes Again as Resurfaced Aaron Judge-Like Dreadful Injury Echoes Hazard for Outfielders

Dodgers’ Perilous Home Ground Strikes Again as Resurfaced Aaron Judge-Like Dreadful Injury Echoes Hazard for Outfielders

When the 2023 MLB regular season kicked off, everyone expected Aaron Judge to continue his majestic form from the plate. Smashing homers all over the ballparks, the New York Yankees did not disappoint anyone until he tore his ligament while making a jaw-dropping catch at Dodger Stadium. Well, it seems like Judge is not the only one to suffer a dreadful injury at Dodger Stadium.

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While on the recovery bed for over two months, Judge kept from training, affecting the Yankees significantly. The losing streak continued for the team without scoring a run for a few games. Similarly, Colorado’s left fielder Jurickson Profar, while making an inning-ending catch, met a shocking injury.

History Repeats Itself At Dodgers’ – First Aaron Judge, Then Jurickson Profar


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Although Profar put on a show at the end of the second inning by fielding Mookie Betts’ sharp hit, he, unfortunately, collided forcefully with the extended portion of the left-field wall at Dodger Stadium. Adding more to the misery was the fact that they equipped this extended wall with a mesh cover over a video board.

Following the collision, he was on a warning track for two minutes. After this, the medical staff assisted him to rise from the ground and took him to the nearby Rockies’ bullpen. Two innings after the latter, it was confirmed by the Rockies that Profar had sustained a twisted left knee.


Rockies outfielder Jurickson Profar had a similar experience as Aaron Judge’s incident at the Dodgers’ stadium, where he ran into a wall and damaged his knees, sidelining him for seven weeks.

This incident raised eyebrows questioning the safety of the Dodgers’ home ground. Based on the injuries both the outfielders sustained while making incredible catches, it calls for some padding for the cement at the bottom.

But these dangerous ballpark incidents give rise to whether it’s the players or the stadium responsible for such misfortune.

Is It The Players, or The Stadium?

Aaron Judge was disappointed to know there was no timeline on when he would be back on the field. Even after his comeback to the field, he expects his injuries to linger on for longer than they ideally should.

Though there were speculations about him taking legal action on the folks of the stadium, the 31-Year-Old told the New York Daily News that he would not be pressing any charges. “Nah, no need” to sue Dodgers for the stadium fence.

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Although he made it clear on not putting up any charges against the Stadium, the lawyer who represented Fowler, Michael Sorich, told the Daily News that the Yankees’ captain indeed possess a viable legal argument.


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“Could [the Dodgers] have taken precautions to remedy that or protect players that maybe would be in that vicinity? Sure,” Sorich asked. “I mean, that would certainly be the argument I would make if I was Aaron Judge’s lawyer.”


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The repeated pattern of outfielders getting injured on the Dodgers’ home ground has raised suspicion about the safety of its players. Only time will tell when the curse of the Dodger wall will end for outfielders. What are your thoughts on the players falling prey while playing at Dodger Stadium?

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