Does The Beekeeper Have a Post-Credits Scene?

Does The Beekeeper Have a Post-Credits Scene?

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JASON STATHAM IS back in action hero mode in The Beekeeper, a gleefully violent romp about a solitary man named Adam Clay whose origins in an elite unit known as the Beekeepers are revealed when his friend and landlady Eloise falls prey to a financial scam.

After a traumatized Eloise takes her own life, Clay goes after the people responsible, and uncovers a conspiracy in the process that involves the FBI, CIA, and the US President. The supporting cast includes Josh Hutcherson, Minnie Driver, Jemma Redgrave, and Jeremy Irons.

Statham’s body of work includes a number of action movies that went on to spawn their own ongoing franchises, including The Transporter and The Expendables, not to mention his appearance in the ensemble cast of the now decades-spanning Fast & Furious series. So it is not unreasonable to wonder if The Beekeeper will join those ranks and end up getting a sequel, with Statham’s Adam Clay embarking on another John Wick-esque rampage of revenge.

Of course, the most popular means of teasing a sequel these days is for a movie to end with a stinger in the middle of the credits.

Does The Beekeeper have a post-credits scene?

The movie does not have any mid or post-credits sequences, and ends with Statham’s character walking away triumphant after he successfully avenged the death of his friend, and followed the trail of corruption all the way to the top. That being said, the events of the movie’s explosive climax may well lay the groundwork for repercussions against Clay, and any potential sequel might involve the bad guys coming after him as a result of his actions.

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