Don’t Leave Denver Without Doing These 5 Things

Don’t Leave Denver Without Doing These 5 Things

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THE MILE HIGH City elevates every adventure, from limit-pushing climbs to quad-torching rides (and a cocktail or two afterward).

Set out on these five expeditions—which include physical and mental challenges (and, okay, a bar crawl)—guaranteed to help you satisfy your sense of adventure.

Denver, ho!

1. Rock Out

Head to Clear Creek Canyon Park for 1,000-plus rock-climbing routes and nearly six miles of hiking trails. Or keep things indoors at Movement climbing gym, with its 15,200 square feet of pure challenge.

2. Drink It In

Stay at the historic Oxford Hotel, which houses the sultry red-light Cruise Room. Then stroll between the intimate Front Porch, the homey Run for the Roses, and the hip but welcoming Union Lodge No. 1.

3. Stretch Your Mind

Experience Meow Wolf, a labyrinthian art show of psychedelic interactive exhibits and brain-bending optical tricks. Its vibe is M. C. Escher x Disney World x early Outkast album covers.

4. Hit the River

Behold the best view of downtown and shred the South Platte River with a vessel from Confluence Kayak & Ski. Rent your ride and they’ll launch you and pick you up a few (thrilling) miles later.

5. Ride All Day

The 40-mile Cherry Creek regional trail kicks off downtown at Confluence Park, then rolls southeast past shops and Cherry Creek State Park, passing several historical sites. Whew.

A version of this article originally appeared in the April 2023 issue of Men’s Health.

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