Enshrouded Backpack Upgrade: Everything You Need to Know

Enshrouded Backpack Upgrade: Everything You Need to Know

In Enshrouded, you will have the opportunity to obtain many resources during your adventure, so you will soon realize that the space available in your backpack is not enough. For this reason, you will want to have more space available. Thanks to the Enshrouded backpack upgrade, in fact, you will have the possibility of obtaining more space and being able to carry with you more resources that you may need to create different tools. For this reason, in this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about how to upgrade your backpack in Enshrouded.

How Does the Enshrouded Backpack Upgrade Work?

The first thing you need to know before you can even upgrade your backpack in Enshrouded is that you will need to find the Hunter NPC. In fact, as soon as you start the game, one of the missions you will have is to go to the rescue of this character. Once you have been able to save him (it won’t be very difficult, don’t worry), you will have the opportunity to complete missions for her. This is a very important thing to do; otherwise, you will not be able to upgrade your backpack in Enshrouded.

One of the missions you will have to undertake for her is to climb the Ancient Spiers. This will allow you to reveal points of interest on the game map that will be useful to you during your adventure. Furthermore, by doing so, you will also have the possibility of accessing not only the missions that you will have to complete for her but also her crafting capabilities. However, as usual, you will need to have the right materials to be able to create what is in her inventory.

In order to be able to get backpack upgrades in Enshrouded, you will first have to explore (you can use this build if you want to make everything more effective and efficient). In fact, you will have to find different types of materials, namely Torn Cloth, Dried Fur, String, and Linen. Some of them are easier to find, while others may give you a hard time. Furthermore, be aware that some of these materials are obtained from other resources, such as Dried Fur which is obtained using Salt.

Enshrouded Backpack Upgrade

Where to Get Salt in Enshrouded

We won’t talk in detail about the materials and resources you will need to upgrade your backpack in Enshrouded because they are not difficult to find, but Salt is. What you will have to do is complete the mission that the Hunter will give you by heading to the Egerton Salt Mines. This area is quite difficult to explore because it is full of fog which limits your visibility. Furthermore, for this very reason, don’t forget to equip items that allow you to spend more time inside the Shroud.

Once you are inside the mines, all you have to do is explore everything far and wide, even the smallest tunnels, in order to find the Salt. Once you have found it, all you have to do is interact with it with a Pickaxe to obtain it and add it to your inventory. Now that you have Salt, the most difficult resource to obtain compared to the others, you are one step closer to being able to upgrade your backpack.

Enshrouded Backpack Upgrade

How to Make Dried Fur

The thing you need to know now that you have the Salt is that you will have to return to the Hunter and create a Drying Rack. Once you have created it, you can add it to your base and you will have everything you need to create Dried Fur. All you have to do is put both Animal Fur and Salt inside the machine and you can get Dried Fur every minute, at least as long as you have the right materials available.

Now, the last thing left to do is to talk to the Hunter again and select the craft option. You will see that you have the option to create a Small Backpack. Once equipped, you will have eight more slots available to transport your resources and tools. Furthermore, as you continue through the game, you will also have the opportunity to unlock the Medium Backpack, which will allow you to obtain sixteen more slots.

Enshrouded Backpack Upgrade

Enshrouded Backpack Upgrade: Everything You Need to Know

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