Expand Your Horizons in 2024 With 55% Off a Curiosity Stream Lifetime Subscription

Expand Your Horizons in 2024 With 55% Off a Curiosity Stream Lifetime Subscription

With so many streaming channels out there, it’s hard to look past the constant fun of sitcoms, romcoms and sports, and find lasting content that makes an impact on your outlook. Make 2024 the year of learning with Curiosity Stream, a digital streaming service that gives you access to thousands of the best documentaries. Right now, you can get a Curiosity Stream lifetime standard subscription for $180 at StackSocial. That’s 55% off the regular price of $400. StackSocial has this deal expiring in less than two days, so don’t wait too long to grab it. 

From history to deep space to the wilds of nature, this streaming service gives you instant access to award-winning, educational digital content. Launched by Discovery Communications founder John Hendricks, Curiosity Stream delivers documentaries that cover a wide range of topics. Learn about deep space from Stephen Hawking, experience an excavation at Pompeii and travel the world experiencing new places — from remote jungles to European cities — all without leaving home. 

The Curiosity Stream standard plan includes streaming and downloadable content so you can watch offline. It’s easy to search, bookmark or resume viewing, and is compatible with both mobile and desktop devices and smart TVs, though you’ll want to double-check the system requirements before you purchase. For example, requirements include Android and Android TV 5.0 and up; iOS 11 and up; Apple TV 3rd gen and earlier via AirPlay; and Xbox One, among others. There are regular content updates, too, so we’re betting it would take you more than a lifetime to watch it all. 

Just be sure to redeem the offer code within 30 days of purchase.

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