Fans of Squid Game: The Challenge Are Convinced There Was a Love Triangle on the Show

Fans of Squid Game: The Challenge Are Convinced There Was a Love Triangle on the Show

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Squid Game: The Challenge has fast become one of the most gripping reality competitions on TV, up there with Survivor, Big Brother and The Traitors when it comes to its high-stakes gameplay. Echoing the format of the phenomenally popular Korean drama series Squid Game, the show cast 456 players who competed against each other in a series of challenges to win a life-changing sum of $4.56 million.

While Squid Game: The Challenge delivered the usual alliances, mind games and villain edits that are par for the course with this genre of elimination TV, one ingredient seemed lacking: an on-screen romance between contestants. However, rumors are now circling that there was a love triangle going on during filming—it just never got aired.

In a recent episode of The Viall Files podcast, Nick Viall asked Phalisia, a.k.a. Player 229, whether any of her cast-mates hooked up on the show. “They’re bringing in 400 plus people, it’s an intense atmosphere,” he said. “You’re bonding over intense situations, there’s probably closets and corners. People are going to fuck.”

Phalisia responded: “I don’t know for sure if they fucked, but I can say that I was in the bathroom when they both were in the shower.” She didn’t clarify who she meant by “they,” simply adding: “There’s a love triangle going on, just search the internet, and I’m sure you guys can find it.”

Speculation and theories surrounding who might have been getting it on in the showers on set are now running rife in the nascent Squid Game: The Challenge fandom.

Who was in the love triangle?

Player 188, Sam, has since stated in an interview with The Tab that he knows two of the three people in the love triangle: Joy (Player 271) and Alex (Player 417).

“There was a little showmance between players Joy and Alex. He was on the bunk above me and they’d lie in bed each night and cuddle a bit, but then when it was lights out you had to go back to your own bunk,” Sam said. “In the showers, there were modesty showers for the Muslim players which was floor-to-ceiling frosted glass and there were rumors people were fucking them. But I don’t know how true that is!”

So far, there’s no word on who the third corner of the love triangle is. Watch this space.

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