Fargo Season 6 Is All But Confirmed

Fargo Season 6 Is All But Confirmed

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FARGO SEASON 5 has spilled all of the blood, gouged out all of the eyes in the name of ritualistic karma, and dolled out all of the twisted justice it needed to administer. After ten episodes, the most emotionally disturbing season in the Fargo legacy has come to a close. And we already can’t wait to return to the surreptitiously sinister niceties of Minnesota for another season.

By this point, the Noah Hawley-created drama has positioned itself as the premiere anthology series on TV, including Ryan Murphy’s sadistic fever dream of a series American Horror Story. Every few years since 2014, we take a trip to different eras of the Midwest to watch some of the finest actors sink into the underbelly of humanity in service of telling a faux “true story” that always makes you question what the fuck is wrong with people. Where else but Fargo would you see Martin Freeman turn into a selfishly homicidal husband, Kirsten Dunst and Jesse Plemons spark a real-life romance from a fictional Bonnie and Clyde marriage, or Juno Temple subvert the damsel in distress trope as a survivalist powered by trauma? Nowhere, that’s where.

Season 5 kept the show’s trend of surrealistic human examination alive. The monotone ogre Ole Munch (Sam Spruell) dragged us into the decrepit depths people will go to atone for their sins and the consequences of those haughty enough to believe they can escape them. Abusive sheriff Roy Tillman (Jon Hamm) showed how dangerous authority founded on delusional entitlement can be when you have enough land, bullets, and followers to fortify you. Poor Wayne Lyon (David Rysdahl) gave us hope that good people (and even better deals on cars) still exist in this world, even when they’ve been burned, rolled off of a roof, emasculated by their mother, and nearly kidnapped.

There’s still more about who we are as people to explore. So, why wouldn’t there be another season of Fargo?

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Will there be a Fargo Season 6?

While FX still hasn’t done the obvious and renewed Fargo for a sixth season, all signs point to the renewal. Fargo Season 5 earned the series its second-most Golden Globe nominations and was a critical darling (with next year’s Emmys still awaiting). Unfortunately, the only factor that could preclude a renewal is the ratings dropoff compared to Season 4 and previous seasons. It also took Fargo nearly 15 months after the Season 4 finale to get renewed for Season 5, following an overall disappointing season.

Hawley and the show’s executive producer, Steve Stark, both told Deadline there are still more stories to tell in the Fargo world. Don’t expect Fargo to not come back due to a lack of ideas.

One other possible delay? Hawley is currently at work on an Alien series for FX, so any work on the next Fargo season would at the very least come after that.

What will Fargo Season 6 be about?

Fargo being an anthology series typically precludes predicting who will be in the next season or what it’ll be about. The series went from exploring a feud between twin brothers in snowy Minnesota in the early 2010s for Season 3 to following the power struggle of two crime syndicates in 1950s Kansas City the following season. With that said, Stark did point out that the show has yet to cover the 1960s and 1990s, so one of those decades may be when Season 6 takes place.

When will Fargo Season 6 come out?

That is a question only FX can answer, since they have yet to renew the show for its rightful sixth season. As mentioned earlier, it took the show over a year to get renewed for its fifth season, so we may not know the fate of Fargo until 2025. Also, the last few seasons have each been released three years after their predecessor, so it’s not out of the realm of possibility that Fargo Season 6 will come in 2027 or beyond.

There’s also the possibility FX will make their worst mistake since canceling the brilliant Kindred show after one season by canceling Fargo. But I’m sure Ole Munch has taught them mistakes have consequences.

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