Follow live: Lamar has Ravens rolling in Christmas clash

Follow live: Lamar has Ravens rolling in Christmas clash

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens face their toughest test of the season against the 49ers. (Loren Elliott/Getty Images)

Lamar Jackson and the Ravens faced their toughest test of the season against the 49ers. They aced it. (Loren Elliott/Getty Images)

The NFL’s three-game Christmas slate ended with a statement from the Baltimore Ravens.

Facing the NFL’s consensus top team in the San Francisco Giants, the Ravens ripped that title out of their opponent’s hands with a 33-19 steamrolling. Lamar Jackson again led the way on offense, but the star of the night was a Ravens defense that hauled in five interceptions, four of them from MVP candidate Brock Purdy.

The Ravens now hold the NFL’s best record at 12-3, while the Niners fall to 11-4. Baltimore can clinch a bye week in the playoffs next week against the Miami Dolphins, while the Niners now have some work to do to win the same.

Here is all the action as it went down from Yahoo Sports.

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Live182 updates

  • It’s funny how little that game actually mattered to the Ravens standings-wise (they clearly wanted this). They didn’t even clinch an AFC North title, and a loss next week likely means losing that bye. Still, they just emphatically established themselves as the big dog in the NFL.

  • FINAL SCORE: Ravens 33, Niners 19.

    The Ravens walked into the Bay Area and tortured the Niners in what was supposed to be a clash of the NFL’s best. The Ravens will improve their record to 12-3 with a game against the Dolphins next week that will decide the AFC’s No. 1 seed. The Niners fall to 11-4 and have some work to do to hang onto that playoff bye.


    Marcus Williams picks off Sam Darnold for the Ravens’ fifth of the night and this is basically over.

  • Darnold gets sacked on third down. Then a false start. 4th and goal from the 17-yard line with 1:13 remaining after a 10-second run-off.

  • McCaffrey gets stopped at the 1-yard line and here comes the two-minute warning.

  • Brandin Aiyuk draws DPI to push the ball to the 2-yard line. Scoring before the two-minute warning would be huge here for the Niners.

  • The Niners are down to their last reserve lineman.

  • S Kyle Hamilton (knee) is doubtful to return.

    — Baltimore Ravens (@Ravens) December 26, 2023

  • Darnold hits Brandon Aiyuk for a 24-yard gain to reach the red zone. Levi’s Stadium finding a bit of life, but we’re down to two and a half minutes left. Niners still have all three timeouts.

  • Call stands. First down Niners.

  • Replay makes it looks like the Ravens will not be successful here. Of course, they weren’t risking a ton here, but but the longshot reward would have basically ended the game.

  • Wow, Niners juuuuuust get the first down after going for it on fourth. Deebo Samuel fought through two Ravens to land the ball on the line. Ravens now challenging the spot.

  • ESPN broadcast reports Brock Purdy has been cleared to play. Niners are sticking with Sam Darnold, who has one more TD than Brock Purdy tonight.

  • The Ravens open the drive with a sack.

  • Still Sam Darnold at QB for #49ers. Brock Purdy is on the sideline with his helmet on.

    — Nick Wagoner (@nwagoner) December 26, 2023

  • OK then. Niners bat down a Lamar Jackson pass at the line of scrimmage on third down and the Niners will get the ball back down 14 with 4:35 remaining. That field goal the Ravens kicked after reaching the Niners’ 1-yard line suddenly looming very large.

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