Ford drivers to join DJR parity test

Ford drivers to join DJR parity test

Ford and DJR scheduled a pair of tests as part of the parity review that was triggered following the Darwin Triple Crown last month.

The first was held a little over a week before the Townsville 500 and led to the introduction of a revised aero package for the Mustangs at the event.

The second will take place at some point this week and unlike the first, undertaken solely by Will Davison, Ford is looking to get more drivers involved.

The line-up for the test is yet to be settled.

This second test won’t just be focussed on aero with engine work on the agenda as well.

Further parity work will be done by the southern Ford teams when they test at Winton on July 18.

There are still question marks over the effectiveness of the new aero package off the back of the two races in Townsville.

Ford’s winless streak did come to an end thanks to a smart drive from Anton De Pasquale in Sunday’s second leg.

However there was still only two Fords in the top 12 of that race, while complaints of poor rear tyre life continued across the weekend.

That is what Ford and its teams have been trying to address with this new package, leaving some figureheads and drivers concerned that the new package hasn’t worked.

Tickford CEO Tim Edwards, however, called for patience as teams understand the new package and reverse set-up choices that were aimed at maximising the previous package.

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