Fujifilm sells EMR business to Medicom owner PHC Group

Fujifilm sells EMR business to Medicom owner PHC Group

Fujifilm Healthcare Corporation is transferring its business related to EMR and medical receipt systems to PHC Holdings Corporation, owner of the Medicom medical information systems, following a stock purchase agreement.

According to a press statement, PHC’s latest subsidiary Wemex Corporation will acquire all shares of Fujifilm Healthcare Corporation’s EMR and medical receipt business. The acquisition is expected to be completed in October. 


Wemex is the result of the integration of PHC’s Medicom business and PHC Medicom Corporation. It is now providing all Medicom-branded medical information systems, including EMR, medical receipt, and medication history systems, as well as digital solutions for pharmacy management, healthy lifestyle guidance, and telemedicine systems.

Through its acquisition of the Fujifilm business, it is expanding its portfolio of digital health solutions and customer base. Soon, it will be able to deliver one-stop solutions for healthcare providers by connecting different medical information management systems.

Meanwhile, Fujifilm, which is currently optimising its medical systems portfolio, decided to sell its EMR and medical receipt systems business thinking that “it would be best that it will be developed and grown by PHC, which has a strong market presence in the electronic medical record and medical-receipt systems for clinics in Japan and can expect synergies in sales and customer support.”


Fujifilm further shared that it plans to focus on accelerating the deployment of its medical IT solutions, including SYNAPSE, and its medical support platform. It will also continue developing AI technology for assisting medical diagnostic imaging, facilitating frontline staff workflow, and delivering maintenance services for medical equipment. “By swiftly providing products and services that utilise its AI technology, Fujifilm will achieve continuous growth in its medical systems business while contributing to solving social issues such as early detection of diseases, addressing unmet medical needs, and improving access to medical services,” the company explained.

Among its latest AI innovation is AI Technology for AD Progression Prediction. It can predict whether a patient can progress to having Alzheimer’s disease within two years by looking at atrophy patterns on 3D MRI brain images.

Another example is Fujifilm CXR-AID, which detects abnormal findings from chest x-rays with 97%-99% accuracy. The software solution obtained clearance from Japan’s Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency in 2021.

Meanwhile, its AI-powered upper GI diagnosis solution, CAD EYE, was recently launched in India, marking the first time it is introduced outside of Japan. 


“Since launching Japan’s first medical-receipt system in 1972, we have played a leading role in the medical IT industry. Today, we provide solutions that drive the government-led digital transformation of healthcare in Japan, which includes software for online eligibility verification and e-prescriptions. By taking on this business, Wemex will be better positioned to create new healthcare IT solutions that can contribute to improving the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of healthcare in Japan. We look forward to how this acquisition will enhance the Digital Health Solutions platform of PHC Group, and help us achieve the growth goals outlined in our mid-term management plan,” said PHC Group president, representative director and CEO Shoji Miyazaki.

In a separate statement, Fujifilm said that “[it] will strive to develop and provide extensive diagnostic solutions of even higher quality, thereby contributing to advancing healthcare and maintaining and promoting people’s health.”

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