Furiosa Is an Action Epic Worth Seeing In Theaters

Furiosa Is an Action Epic Worth Seeing In Theaters

preview for Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga trailer (WB UK)

NEARLY A DECADE after Mad Max: Fury Road released to incredible fanfare and garnered six Academy Awards, director George Miller is back with another showstopping entry to his Mad Max franchise: Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.

First portrayed in Fury Road by Charlize Theron, Furiosa as an adult is an officer in Immortan Joe’s army who turns on her leader to help “The Five Wives”—women he’s kept captive to bear his children—escape. In her eponymous film, we get the story before Fury Road, tracking Furiosa’s (now played by Anya Taylor-Joy) origin story and how she becomes the badass we would later meet.

That said, Furiosa isn’t Fury Road’s lesser counterpart. It’s not a prequel meant only to boost its predecessor. It stands on its own in terms of action, epic plot, and of course, death-defying stunts. If you were impressed by Fury Road’s “polecats,” Furiosa may become your new favorite in the franchise on the action sequences alone.

While you may be well-trained to wait for a movie to head to streaming services, we’re here to convince you to see Furiosa in theaters if you can. You’ll want to be dialed in for all the epic stunts, Chris Hemsworth‘s instantly iconic performance as the film’s villain, and all those fun explosions. Maybe save the couch showing for the second (or third) time you’re watching the film. That said, no matter how you end up watching Furiosa, you’ll likely enjoy it. Here’s how to watch the film right now.

How to Watch Furiosa

Furiosa isn’t available to stream yet, and likely won’t be until later this year. For now, the only (and best) way to watch the film is in theaters.

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When will Furiosa head to streaming?

The film was released on May 24, so look out for streaming availability starting in June or July at the earliest. Depending on how long it stays in theaters, it may not head to streaming until the fall.

The film will head to WBD’s streaming service, Max, when it’s available, as it’s a Warner Bros. release.

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