Gilbert Burns accuses Jorge Masvidal of being ‘slippery’

Gilbert Burns accuses Jorge Masvidal of being ‘slippery’

Gilbert Burns accuses Jorge Masvidal of being ‘slippery’

Welterweight contender Gilbert Burns defeated Jorge Masvidal in the UFC 287 co-main event in Miami on Friday but said Masvidal felt ‘slippery’ in the fight.

Burns made the allegation during the event’s post-fight press conference. ‘Durinho’ went as far as saying that he would have finished ‘Gamebred’ had Masvidal not used ‘old tricks.’

“That guy was fricken slippery,” said Burns. “It’s an old dog Miami trick with the lotion because he was so slippery. Wow.”

Burns said he ‘100-percent believes’ that Masvidal applied a substance to make himself harder to take down, harder to submit, and harder to grab.

“I know those old tricks those guys do. They, you know what they do? They wake up and they take the first shower and they pass a lot of lotion on their body. The skin absorbs the lotion. After three hours you do it again,” said Burns.

“After you do it again, and then you do it again. Your body absorbs. And when you start sweating a lot, for sure he did that. 100-percent he did. I’m telling you. Not maybe. No. 100-percent he did. He was so slippery,” continued Burns. “I’ve got to give it to the guy. The guy has all the tricks.”

According to Burns, Masvidal’s alleged greasing impacted the outcome of the fight. He insists that he would have finished Masvidal has he not been so slippery.

“100-percent (I would have finished him),” said Burns. “I dominated the guy on the floor. If I have a little less lotion my guy. If I had a little bit less lotion I think I could get it done.”

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