Google Fiber Is Looking for Organizations to Test Its 20 Gig Internet Speeds

Google Fiber Is Looking for Organizations to Test Its 20 Gig Internet Speeds

Google is looking for eight organizations that are willing to try some blazing fast fiber internet.


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Google Fiber has a new 20-gig internet speed tier and is looking for organizations that can test its full capabilities, the company said in a blog post on Monday. The company also said it’s expanding its Fiber internet service to Logan, Utah, in 2024

Already, Google has been testing the extremely high-speed service with the University of Missouri-Kansas City, testing datasets with the School of Science and Engineering. Now, Google wants some more partners with which it can test this blazing fast speed. 

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Google says it’s looking for eight organizations, such as businesses, nonprofits and educational institutions, in Austin, Texas; Huntsville, Alabama; Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina; and Salt Lake City. It’s asking those interested to fill out this form, which asks for some basic information, whether there would be a willingness to provide feedback and what benefits might be seen from having such blazing fast internet. 

Organizations accepted will join Google’s Trusted Tester program and won’t be charged for taking part in the trial. 

Google declined to provide an additional comment beyond what’s mentioned in the blog post.

Google’s main revenue comes from ads placed against its wildly popular Search service. Even as Search brought in $224 billion in revenue last year, the company continues to expand in other product categories, such as phones, smartwatches, AI and internet. In the nascent days of fiber internet, Google asked the Federal Communications Commission to introduce a “gigabit bill” but ultimately decided to launch its own fiber service in medium-size markets. The interest in super-fast fiber internet led to AT&T and Verizon also offering the service in larger markets. Last year, Google began offering Fiber in new markets after a pause. Earlier this year, Google launched the cheapest 5-gig plan on the market. 

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