Google makes the Pixel Fold official

Google makes the Pixel Fold official

It’s real! —

After years of delays, Google’s foldable is finally confirmed.

  • The Google Fold. This is an official shot from Google’s video.


  • The inner screen. Google’s choice of an in-bezel camera is still very strange.


  • The hinge action.


  • The back! You can make out some camera sensors here.


I guess the Pixel Fold wasn’t going to be a surprise to anyone after all the leaks, so why not just announce it? Google posted a teaser site for the long-awaited foldable, where you can join a mailing list for “The first foldable phone engineered by Google.” This is the first time the company has acknowledged the Fold’s existence.

We’ve already been through CAD-based renders, one very brief hands-on video, and the leak of the official renders, but we can still learn a bit from the video. Namely it’s clear that the sides and camera bar of the phone have been polished to a mirror finish, just like the Pixel 7 Pro. That mirror finish will very quickly show scratches, and the camera bar on our Pixel 7 Pro hasn’t held up well over time. Like we said in our Pixel 7 Pro review, the cheaper Pixel 7 went out the door with a matte sandblasted aluminum finish, and that both looks better and is more durable.

We’re only getting official looks at the phone today—the specs and pricing will presumably be revealed at I/O. Rumors from CNBC have the phone shipping in June for $1,700-plus. The Fold is expected to have a 7.6-inch inner display and a 5.8-inch outer display and ship with the usual Google Tensor G2 chip.

Google I/O is May 10. There are just a few days left now.

Listing image by Google

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