Here Are the Lowest-Calorie Alcohols

Here Are the Lowest-Calorie Alcohols

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Tequila, Rum, Vodka, or Gin

bartender pouring tequila in glass on table

Some liquors have more calories then others, and these four all sit at around 100 calories a shot at 80 proof, which is the average alcohol content for these kinds of liquors.

Watch out for higher proofs though. The more alcohol in the liquor, the higher the calorie content.

Take ’em straight, or add them in with some seltzer water and citrus juice.

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close up of bartender hand pouring sake to glass which hands of adult man

A shot of sake only holds about 60 calories, and is a great liquor option.

Sake is a Japanese liquor made from brown rice. Sake does have a lower alcohol content than other liquors, though, sitting around 40 proof on average.

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group of friends toasting glasses of soju drink alcohol beverage together in korean restaurant

A shot of soju contains a mere 60 calories.

Soju is the Korean equivalent of sake, made of fermented grains. It also contains a little less alcohol than other liquors, on average around 32 proof.

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Light Beer

young couple clinking beer bottles at sunset

The beer world continues to innovate its light options to be, well, even lighter.

Now, you can get a light beer with anywhere from 70 to 100 calories. Your classic BudLights and Miller Lites sit around 100, but some new developments from both craft beer companies and big name staples have provided some even lighter options.

Miller Beer Company has released Miller 64, which boosts 64 calories. Michelob Ultra Pure Gold only has 85 calories. There’s plenty of options for you to still enjoy a cold one while trimming down.

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prosecco aperitivo

Wine’s sparkling sibling is light on the palate—and light on the calories.

A glass of prosecco only has about 80 calories. No need to skip out on the next toast!

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Hard Seltzers

sparkling seltzer water

There’s a reason we’re in the midst of the hard seltzer revolution right now.

Every company is releasing their version of the product. Two of the originals, White Claw and Truly, sit at 100 calories a can.

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White Wine

couple toasting wineglasses at winery

If you’re a wine connoisseur, you don’t have to give it up completely if you’re looking to cut calories.

Calories in wine vary a fair amount, dependent on the type. When picking one while trying to cut back, it’s good to remember that white wines usually have less calories than red. On average, a glass of white wine has only 120 calories.

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