Here’s Who Starred in Poker Face Episode 8

Here’s Who Starred in Poker Face Episode 8

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Eight weeks into Poker Face, and we still can’t get enough of the mystery-of-the-week show starring Natasha Lyonne. It’s a refreshing spin on the procedural dramas we’re used to seeing on network and cable television, where the cops always catch the criminal and always bring them to justice. Lyonne’s character Charlie Cale has no plans to join law enforcement, and knows she won’t always be on the right side of the law. It’s simple: she hates lies, and she hates when innocent people are accused of wrongdoing.

And not to mention: the show is a joy to watch. Charlie travels the open road, stopping often to take on various jobs (and to keep her former boss’ henchman from tracking her down). Along the way, she meets various characters, all famous actors in their own right. Some of them are victims, others are criminals, and a few help Charlie solve the murder she’s discovered. The show takes a ‘howcatchem’ approach to displaying the crimes, showing the criminal committing the act first, then showing the viewers how Charlie comes to the conclusion. But even though viewers know who dies and how, there are still twists and turns that make Poker Face worth watching.

Episode 8’s “The Orpheus Syndrome” finds Charlie working for a filmmaker whose past comes to light after one of his former colleagues is murdered. As Charlie helps him on his upcoming project, she has to delve into his past to find the truth behind his old friend’s demise.

So, which guest stars appeared alongside Lyonne this week? Here’s who showed up on Episode 8 of Poker Face.

Who Starred in Episode 8 of Poker Face?

Nick Nolte

In Poker Face, Nolte stars as Arthur, the special effects expert Charlie works for. Nolte has had a long and impressive film career, appearing in films such as 48 Hrs. (where Eddie Murphy made his film debut), The Prince of Tides, and Hotel Rwanda.

Cherry Jones

Jones is a major theater, film, and television actress who has won three Emmys for her various performances. Over the course of her career, Jones has appeared on The Handmaid’s Tale, Succession, Erin Brockovich, 24, Black Mirror, and many, many other films, shows, and plays.

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Tim Russ

Star Trek fans will be familiar with Tim Russ, who appears in Poker Face as Max, the unfortunate victim in “The Orpheus Syndrome”. Russ has appeared both in various Stark Trek television shows and lent his voice to video games, too. He’s also appeared in PEN15, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, ER, and more.

Luis Guzmán

Fans of Wednesday will definitely recognize Guzmán, who recently appeared as Gomez Addams on the popular Netflix show. But outside of his more recent roles, Guzmán has had a successful film and television career, starring in the famous HBO drama Oz, Netflix’s Narcos, and films such as Boogie Nights, Traffic, and Magnolia.

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