Holly Holm Speaks Out Against The Sexualization of Children

Holly Holm Speaks Out Against The Sexualization of Children

Holly Holm Speaks Out Against The Sexualization of Children

When former bantamweight champion Holly Holm returned to the Octagon and defeated Yana Santos, she took the time on the mic to call for America to “protect the children.”

So of course when she arrived at the post-fight presser, she was asked to elaborate on those thoughts.

“I don’t ever want to be um, [I’m] not like a real political person. I don’t like to put that stuff on any of my social media or because I think there’s just, but there’s also just right and wrong and I feel like everybody should be on the same side on that,” she said. “I don’t feel like that has anything to do with left side, right side or anything like that. I feel like everybody should be wanting to protect our children and, and there, there’s, there’s stuff that is, there’s a lot of child trafficking and I mean, that’s like the extreme part but it, there’s, there’s a lot of, a lot of levels to it. Um, you just see it almost being more accepted and I think that that’s really sad. Um, so I just feel like we should all do what we can.”

She wasn’t all that clear on exactly what she was campaigning for (other than protecting children) but many thought she might have been speaking on the transgender in sports issues or the drag queen storytimes, but we aren’t clear if either of those are the issues she was campaigning for or against.

“I know it’s like a lot of people don’t even know what to do, but if I can at least have a voice on it then that’s something I can speak out on it,” she said. “And it’s just to get everybody together to, to protect children. It’s, uh, childhood is really affects people in their, in their long term life too. I have friends that are adults and their biggest thing that kind of is a shadow, kind of, that dark space in them is being sexualized when they were young. And, I just feel like it’s almost getting accepted.”

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