How to Sign up for Dune: Awakening Beta

How to Sign up for Dune: Awakening Beta

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How to Sign up for Dune: Awakening Beta

Dune: Awakening is an upcoming survival MMO by Funcom Games, and here’s how to sign up for it’s beta to have access to play the game before everyone else.

Dune Awakening is a survival MMO based on the popular sci-fi IP Dune, the novels of Frank Herbert now further popularized after a recent film adaptation. Dune: Part Two recently released in theatres, grossing 200$ Million USD within the few first days of release.

The blockbuster success of the first one titled Dune which came out in 2o21 also led to demand for more content based on the Dune IP. There is also a television series in the works titled Dune: Prophecy, but we’re going too off-topic in an article that is supposed tell you how to sign up for the upcoming MMO game based on the Dune books.

Dune: Awakening is seemingly inspired by the Denis Villevenue film adaptation of the Dune books, and the game will have a few trade-offs to appeal to the general crowd, without any controversies as such. The game won’t allow you to become a Messiah who starts a holy war against the great houses, instead, you’re just a somebody in the world of Dune. You won’t be able to play as the angry prophet that books intend to revolve the main story around.

Dune: Awakening Beta: How to Sign Up

  1. Head to the Dune: Awakening website in a desktop web browser.
  2. Locate and click on the top navigation menu,  and from the drop down that opens up, click on beta signup.
  3. Enter a valid email address in the box shown, and ensure that you have access to the email to receive an invite for the closed beta.
  4. Accept and consent to receiving news and updates about the upcoming Dune games.

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