How to Watch and Stream Anyone But You

How to Watch and Stream Anyone But You

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It seems like every year or so, there is a new pop culture proclamation that the romantic comedy is “back.” The movie in question this time around is Anyone But You, which has all the key ingredients needed for a successful romcom: a beautiful setting, tropes aplenty, and a pair of incredibly good-looking protagonists. They are, of course, Top Gun: Maverick actor and Men’s Health cover star Glen Powell, and Sydney Sweeney, star of HBO hit dramas Euphoria and The White Lotus.

Powell and Sweeney play Ben and Bea, two old acquaintances from college who once went on a disastrous first date together, and now can’t stand each other. When they’re both invited to the same destination wedding in Australia, an occasion that will also be attended by each of their respective smug exes, Ben and Bea grudgingly agree to pretend to be a couple in order to save face.

Anyone But You is based on the play Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare, arguably the first incarnation of the enemies-to-lovers trope and a blueprint for the sparky banter on which every romantic comedy lives or dies. Whether or not Will Gluck and Ilana Wolpert’s script can recapture the playful spirit of its source material remains to be seen, but audiences can rest assured that they will at least see some crackling chemistry between the two leads: Powell and Sweeney got along so well during filming that their friendship actually sparked rumors of a romance which turned out to be false.

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How can I watch Anyone But You?

Anyone But You is out right now exclusively in theaters, having been released in the US and Canada on December 22. Find screening times and tickets here.

When will Anyone But You hit streaming?

There’s no official word yet from Sony as to when the movie will be released on digital platforms, however it’s likely that Anyone But You will be made available to buy and/or rent first approximately two months after the end of its theatrical run. Then, through Sony’s licensing deal with Netflix, the movie will begin streaming on that service at some point in the first half of 2024.

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