How to Watch ‘The Killer’ Right Now

How to Watch ‘The Killer’ Right Now

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David Fincher, master of the taut psychological thriller, is back with a vengeance. The meticulous auteur behind classic procedural nail-biters like Se7en, Zodiac andGone Girl has adapted the French graphic novel Le Tueur by Alexis “Matz” Nolent for the big screen, casting Michael Fassbender stars as the titular assassin.

Audiences follow Fassbender claustrophobically closely in the movie’s first act as he stakes out his next target in Paris, assuming an innocuous disguise and preparing for the hit with cold, pathological precision. But when the job goes awry, he finds himself the target of an even more merciless “clean-up crew” of contract killers.

Connoisseurs of Fincher’s oeuvre will recognize several of the director’s recurring themes and trademarks in The Killer, from his detached, detail-oriented protagonist (whether or not Fassbender’s character warrants the title of “antihero” is for you to decide) to the wince-inducing scenes of brutal violence.

But as Brian Tallerico of writes, “this isn’t just the work of an artist repeating himself; it’s the work of one reworking his themes and obsessions into something brave and new.”

Also starring Tilda Swinton, Arliss Howard, Sala Baker, Sophie Charlotte and Charles Parnell, The Killer is out now.

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How can I watch The Killer?

Die-hard fans of David Fincher will want to see The Killer in theaters for the full experience, and they are in luck: the movie has been given a limited theatrical release. You can find screening times and tickets near you here.

How can I watch The Killer at home?

Following the movie’s cinematic release in late October, The Killer was made available on streaming via Netflix. The Killer dropped on the streaming giant’s platform on November 10, and is available to watch right now.

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