Ja Rule’s Biggest Fitness Inspirations Are A Couple Of Baby Boomers

Ja Rule’s Biggest Fitness Inspirations Are A Couple Of Baby Boomers

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JA RULE ISN’T old, but he’s old enough to think about longevity. For over 25 years, the 47-year-old iconic rapper has soundtracked the proms of people now concerned with their 401(k)s, sporting one of the fittest bodies in hip-hop history. He tells Men’s Health in the latest episode of Gym & Fridge that his chiseled six-pack abs come from his personal fitness discipline and not the help of anyone else. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t had inspiration over the years to keep sculpting his body.

“[I stay motivated] when I see older guys I know have been fit a long time like the Lenny Kravitz‘s of the world. Even when I see Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, these guys are still in very good shape. That motivates me,” Ja Rule told Men’s Health.

Over the years, his body goals have changed. Earlier in his career, he says he aimed to hit the weight hard to bulk up. Now, he aims to stay lean and fit while prioritizing cardio to maintain his breath control while running around on stage. He also maintains that when he’s touring around the country, he’s still working out, getting calisthenic exercises when and where he can.

Don’t get it confused; he hates all of the workouts he does. Still, he spends Mondays working on his chest, Tuesdays working on his back, Wednesdays working on his arms, Thursdays working on his shoulders, and saving leg day for Friday before resting on the weekend. “As of now, [my fitness goal] is to stay the course. I’ve done a pretty good job of staying in shape over the years.”

That same workout discipline carries over to his eating habits, with a few exceptions he indulges in moderation. You’ll never see pork in his fridge, but you will see dabbling in a cup of ice cream every night. He firmly believes “the better you eat, the better outcome you’ll have with your workouts,” which is why his daily food intake includes an omelet, turkey sandwich, and some sort of grilled fish or chicken. Overall, the Murda Inc. mastermind has developed a routine for himself and his health that makes him feel better than he ever has felt.

“I’m probably in my best shape now in my older age because, in my younger days, I didn’t really work out like that. I just played a lot of sports,” Ja Rule says. “We worked out when we practiced, so I always had a workout regimen, so to speak. But not like hitting the weights like I do now.”

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