Jessie T. Usher Snacks On These to Keep His Speed Up on The Boys

Jessie T. Usher Snacks On These to Keep His Speed Up on The Boys

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THE BOYS STAR Jessie T. Usher spoke to MH to give us a behind-the-scenes look at his diet while filming the hit satirical superheroes vs. vigilantes show. In our latest episode of “Eat Like,” Usher, who plays the speedy A-Train, took us to his kitchen, where he broke down his diet and some of the guidelines he follows when filming.

“I don’t count macros—I’ve never been that into it,” he says. “Even when I did have a nutritionist and physical trainer, the only thing I counted was how many grams of protein I was taking in, because that was the most important thing at the time.”

His typical day starts with protein-rich eggs and herbs for breakfast, followed by a visit to his favorite Mediterranean fast chain, Cava, for a balanced lunch. His dinners lean toward heavier fare, often featuring multiple servings of fish or a mix of chicken thighs and breasts.

Usher’s key to staying on track during filming? Meal prepping. However, the 32-year-old still leaves himself room to indulge while playing the show’s version of The Flash. When it comes to snacking, Usher really lets himself eat whatever.

“In terms of snacks, here’s where the balance part comes back in; my snacks are usually unhealthy,” he says. “I’m just saying. I do Funyuns, Nutter Butters, whatever…”

He’s also got a pretty good idea on the kind of cheat meal A-Train would partake in.

“It would definitely be different from mine: A-Train has a much higher caloric intake… maybe an entire birthday cake,” he says. “I don’t even know what he could possibly eat to put those kinds of calories in.”

Regarding his lifestyle of food, Usher’s most important message is, “just to have a balance and have a conscious of what you put into your body…” Nevertheless, his last bit of advice is, “don’t forget to get some Funyuns and some chips and stuff from time to time though,” he says.

You can check out Usher’s full “Eat Like” video above and learn even more about The Boys’ speedster’s meal routine.

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