Jets Star Rookie Blurts Out on Aaron Rodgers’ “Package Deal” Demand From Jets Including 2 Packers Stars

Jets Star Rookie Blurts Out on Aaron Rodgers’ “Package Deal” Demand From Jets Including 2 Packers Stars

Aaron Rodgers has been the talk of the NFL community lately, as he expressed his desire for a “package deal” that would bring him and two other top Packers players to the Jets. Although the specific players involved have not been confirmed, anticipation is growing among fans.

One of those fans is Sauce Gardner, the NFL’s defensive rookie of the year, who is betting everything on the possibility of Rodgers becoming his new teammate. Gardner has boldly burned his Cheesehead hat while speculating on the business side of this potential deal.

As a rising star in the NFL and standout cornerback for the New York Jets, Gardner is actively following Rodgers’ situation and hoping to see him leave his longtime team, the Packers, to sign with the Jets this offseason.


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New York Jets pursues free agents Lazard and Cobb”

During his live stream, the cornerback teased fans with news of the package deal told, “it’s package deals all over. I can’t tell y’all who, but just know.”

According to Adam Schefter, the New York Jets are making moves to acquire Allen Lazard and Randall Cobb, former receivers for the Packers.

Allen Lazard had a breakout year in 2019. He caught 35 passes for 477 yards and three touchdowns, and even snagged a 35-yard touchdown in a victory over the Detroit Lions. The Jets have since added Lazard to their receiving corps, joining up-and-comer Denzel Mims to create a strong unit.

In addition to Lazard, Randall Cobb is a well-known veteran receiver in the NFL. Throughout his career, he has built a reputation for being reliable and clutch, with excellent hands and playmaking abilities. He has even earned a Pro Bowl selection and played a crucial role in the Packers’ 2011 Super Bowl championship team.


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No official agreement on Aaron Rodgers’ contract with Jets

There is no official confirmation yet regarding Aaron Rodgers’ contract with the Jets. The hiring of 27 years old Lazard will undoubtedly boost the Jets’ offense, but how it will affect a potential trade for Aaron Rodgers is still to be determined. Although reports claim that Rodgers is interested in joining the Jets, whether the team will agree to his reported requests for a “package deal” involving the trade of the two Packers stars remains to be seen.


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Lastly, Aaron Rodgers’ request for a package deal has sparked many rumors and discussions among NFL fans. Even though it needs to be clear whether the deal will happen, it remains to be seen in the weeks and months ahead.

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