Julio Rodriguez faked out everyone by robbing a home run but pretending he didn’t

Julio Rodriguez faked out everyone by robbing a home run but pretending he didn’t

One of the coolest things to do in a baseball game is robbing a surefire home run. The batter thinking that they can do the homer trot only for a centerfielder who was blessed by God with insane athleticism to jump up and snag the ball out of the air as you think you have a no doubt homer. It’s one of the biggest reversals of fortune in sports, which makes it hilarious.

Sometimes, the elite outfielders who rob homers will act like the ball went over, making the batter think that they absolutely tanked this homer, only for the ball to be revealed in the outfielder’s glove.

Seattle Mariners CF/superstar Julio Rodriguez completed the funniest home run robbery of the entire year, taking a homer away from San Diego Padres infielder Fernando Tatis Jr. Let’s be very clear: Tatis SMASHED this ball. The ball was hit to dead centerfield, the deepest part of the field, and he had every right to do his home run trot. Like 95% of the time that’s a homer.

Except for this time, Rodriguez decided to play spoiler. Rodriguez goes up to make the catch, but then walks away as if he missed the ball. The perfect set up for the okey doke.

The show P Logan Gilbert’s face, and the announcer goes “he did not get it.” Rodriguez has EVERYONE fooled.

However, Rodriguez did make this catch, but look at this freaking grin on his face when he shows everyone he caught it.

Like that’s such a little brother shit eating grin that I can’t hate it. What we really need now is a camera on Tatis, because I know he was heated for at least a few seconds.

At least I would be.

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