‘Late Show’ Host Stephen Colbert Gives Health Update After Postponing His Show Again

‘Late Show’ Host Stephen Colbert Gives Health Update After Postponing His Show Again

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Update, December 5, 2023:

Looks like fans of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert will have to wait another week for new episodes.

One week after Stephen Colbert announced he was taking time off of work to heal from a ruptured appendix, he went on Threads to share he won’t be back on camera for the week of December 4. As he explained in his succinct message, he’s using the respite to recover before he gets in front of a studio audience once more.

“I’m listening to my doctors and continuing to rest and heal,” he wrote on December 4. “Thank you for all your well wishes and I’ll see you soon. — Stephen.”

Naturally, his fans rushed to the comments to wish him well on his extended recovery. “Yes. Your life is WAY more important than work. Take care of you and family,” one person one wrote on Threads. “Sending love ❤️❤️❤️ and chicken soup (imagine it, it’s wonderful! 🍲). You have to get well ASAP, Stephen, we watch you daily and miss your face!” another agreed. “You are missed. Go slow. Take good care. ♥️,” a different viewer added.

Original story, November 27, 2023:

Every night, fans of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert tune in at 11:30 p.m. ET to see the incomparable Stephen Colbert. But it looks like this week, we’ll be missing that late-night entertainment.

In an unexpected turn of events this week, it was announced on Instagram that all episodes for the week of November 27 would be canceled. The reason behind the unforeseen scenario? Stephen revealed it’s due to his appendix rupturing over the Thanksgiving weekend.

“Sorry to say that I have to cancel our shows this week,” he sadly wrote to his followers on November 27. “I’m sure you’re thinking, ‘Turkey overdose, Steve? Gravy boat capsize?’ Actually, I’m recovering from surgery for a ruptured appendix. I’m grateful to my doctors for their care, and to Evie and the kids for putting up with me. Going forward, all emails to my appendix will be handled by my pancreas.”

With news like this, it didn’t long for his fan base to rush to the comments to send him well wishes as he gets better.

“Oh wow, feel better soon. 💫🥰💫,” one person wrote on Instagram. “Wishing you a speedy recovery! 🙏🏻,” another noted. “Feel better! We love you and never miss a show! Looking forward to your return. Have a speedy recovery,” a different viewer noted.

This isn’t the first time Stephen has found himself ill over the last few months. Back in mid-October, the TV host had to cancel a number of shows as he recovered from COVID-19. At the time, he initially hosted The Late Show from his home before deciding to forgo the rest of the episodes for the week of October 16.

As for what Stephen is currently ailing from, the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine writes that a ruptured appendix, or peritonitis, is “a redness and swelling (inflammation) of the lining of your belly or abdomen.” It is usually caused by bacteria entering the lining due to a hole in the gastrointestinal tract and result in a hole in the colon or the appendix bursting.

Should a person have peritonitis, the Mayo Clinic notes it’s suggested for someone to recover at the hospital to make sure it doesn’t get worse. Other treatments include antibiotics, pain medications, fluids through an IV tube and in some cases surgery to repair the condition.

We’re wishing Stephen all the best and look forward to seeing him back on the air soon!

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