Mario meets Pareto: multi-objective optimization of Mario Kart builds

Mario meets Pareto: multi-objective optimization of Mario Kart builds

Finding the fastest driver is as simple as ranking them by their speed
statistic. Here you might think that
BowserBowser or
WarioWario are a no-brainer.

But you can’t just rely on
to find the optimal build. You have to consider
one as well. Now, finding the best

is not trivial anymore — you have to make trade-offs between


Look closely though! You’ll find out that some options are always dominated. Let’s focus on this poor
Koopa TroopaKoopa for instance.

Cat PeachCat Peach has more speed for the same acceleration, and
ToadetteToadette has more acceleration for the same speed. Between you and me, if you
want to win, never allow
Koopa TroopaKoopa to sit in your kart!

You can identify all efficient drivers that, unlike Koopa, are never dominated
on both speed and acceleration. Together, they form what is called
the Pareto front (or frontier).

Mind you: all elements on the frontier are not equally good. You probably won’t
pick a driver sitting on the edge of the frontier because you want some balance
between speed and acceleration. The Pareto efficiency is an
objective criteria to filter out suboptimal choices, but you still need to make up
your final decision.

Given your play style and skills, you may put more
weight on one statistic over
the other. Those preferences will reveal the component on the frontier that
suits you the best.


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