Mega Dice ($DICE) Token Presale Reaches $1M, Crypto Casinos Surge

Mega Dice ($DICE) Token Presale Reaches $1M, Crypto Casinos Surge

Mega Dice ($DICE) Token Presale Reaches $1M, Crypto Casinos Surge

$DICE, the native token of an established crypto casino with over 50K active players, recently surpassed the $1M milestone on presale, marking the start of its second airdrop season. 

Moreover, players can now use the leading GameFi token on Solana to wager directly in the Mega Dice casino and get access to exclusive features and staking rewards. 

Today, we explore what makes Mega Dice interesting and why the $DICE presale generated such a positive community sentiment. 

Why Is Mega Dice Attracting Players?

The hype surrounding the $DICE presale can be attributed to a combination of the booming popularity of crypto casinos and community incentives, including revenue sharing and daily bonuses.

The appeal of games of chance and the hope for a big win is undeniable. However, walk-in casinos started to lose ground to online gambling platforms when the US legalized sports betting in 2018. 

In fact, the US has the highest online gambling industry growth worldwide, projected to reach $117B by 2025. 

Online gambling market growth 
Online gambling market growth. Source: Statista

Meanwhile, nearly half (48%) of Canadians wager online

Along with traditional online casinos, There’s been a boom in blockchain gambling platforms that address security and transparency concerns

However, Mega Dice isn’t just another one of the many gambling platforms – it’s the first licensed Telegram casino.

Players can access it directly through their Telegram app, so there’s no need to register on the casino’s website or install any software. Convenience coupled with a library of over 4.5K games earned Mega Dice over 10K active monthly players. 

$DICE Presale Gains Momentum 

In April, Mega Dice launched its native token presale, which hit $500K in the first week

$DICE offers various player incentives, including:

  • Crypto futures trading with up to 1,000x leverage 
  • Access to exclusive features within the Mega Dice ecosystem 
  • Daily casino bonuses  
  • A chance to win limited edition NFTs
  • 25% revenue share through the Mega Dice referral program 
  • A 15M token airdrop across four stages 

Now that the presale has reached the $1M milestone, with over 14M tokens sold, 1 $DICE is worth $0.075.

The token’s price will increase when 28M tokens are sold. Still, presale participants have a potential for significant gains, as analysts predict $DICE to surge to $1 post-listing.  

To buy $DICE, visit the official presale website, connect your crypto wallet, select a currency to pay with, enter the number of tokens you want to spend, and confirm the transaction. 

Early investors can stake their $DICE before listing to earn high APY in one of the three pools: 10-day, 3-month, and 6-month.

Visit the official presale website and read the whitepaper for more information about the project. 

Mega Dice Season 2 Is Now Live 

The first airdrop season is over, and the $750K bank is about to hit winner wallets. And when the $DICE presale reached $1M, Mega Dice launched Season 2. 

To qualify for the 3M $DICE airdrop, players must wager in the Mega Dice casino for six weeks and will be ranked using a formula.

total wagering volume × number of days they’ve wagered a minimum of $5

Mega Dice hasn’t announced plans for further seasons, but 15% (63M) of the total $DICE supply is allocated to airdrops, which suggests we’ll see more incentives along the way. 

Another 15% of tokens are reserved for staking, and 15% for casino rewards, so community building clearly lies at the core of Mega Dice’s strategy. 

Mega Dice tokenomics

Solana Tokens on the Rise 

$DICE presale success may have reasons beyond the casino’s appeal. Solana’s ($SOL) price surged 569% year to date, sparking a trend for many Solana-based tokens. 

Meme tokens like $WIF, $BONK, and $TRUMP grew by 1,622%, 5,391%, and 46,057% year to date, respectively, despite having little to no utility. 

The top Solana coins by market cap also saw significant price increases: $LINK grew by 94% and $RNDR by 423%

Render price trend

Despite the recent market downturn, the overall trend remains bullish, and it’s safe to assume that $DICE can also benefit from it

Final Thoughts 

The popularity of crypto casinos, the upward trend in Solana token prices, and substantial utility create a favorable environment for $DICE growth. As the $DICE presale continues to gain traction, we’re excited to see what Season 2 holds for Mega Dice players. 

That said, we must remind you to always DYOR and never invest more than you’re prepared to lose. The crypto market is often a gamble, so treat your investments as a calculated risk. 

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