NFL fans think the Eagles will win the Super Bowl, but they’re not happy about it

NFL fans think the Eagles will win the Super Bowl, but they’re not happy about it

The Super Bowl is still a week away, but sometimes a gut feeling is the best option. Sure, there is still plenty of time for storylines, spin and flip-flopping, but at first look fans have a strong feeling as to what will happen.

With the Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs both entering the playoffs as the top seed in each conference, it would seem to be an even matchup. While the Chiefs have arguably the best quarterback in the game right now under center and all the experience in the world, they have had a much rockier run to the Super Bowl than the Eagles and that quarter back – Patrick Mahomes – is clearly dealing with an injury.

According to DraftKings, the Eagles are a 1.5 point favorite, meaning the game is almost a toss-up. A slight majority of fans seem to be feeling chalky.

In the latest SB Nation Reacts survey, fans were asked who they believe will win. A little over half of fans said the Eagles will win Super Bowl LVII.

Despite the majority, this isn’t the outcome most fans actually want. There appears to be a large segment of NFL fans who are pessimistic about their desired outcome. A matching percentage of fans said they want the Chiefs to win their second Super Bowl in four seasons.

Whatever the outcome, there is still over a week for fans to consider, then reconsider, then re-reconsider their picks before kickoff. If nothing else, everyone outside of Philadelphia and Kansas City appears to have a fun night of football headed their way.

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