Post $169,000 Collab, Lewis Hamilton’s 1 Quality Leaves Luxury Designer Awestruck

Post $169,000 Collab, Lewis Hamilton’s 1 Quality Leaves Luxury Designer Awestruck

But let’s drift from the specs for a moment. The real highlight? IWC’s star designer, Maria Luisa Mamusa. Having sat down with Hamilton, she’s been left in awe, not by his driving or his fashion sense, but by his infectious zest for the creative process. “I have had the privilege of meeting Lewis Hamilton for a design session with him and I will never forget his curiosity, collaboration, and sheer enjoyment at taking part in the creative process. I have been surprised by his kindness and laid-back peacefulness, truly incredible for someone living such a competitive and accelerated life,” Maria says.

Hold on to your helmets, F1 fans! And football aficionados, you might want to keep your boots laced up tight for the news ahead. Now it’s not “new” news, but it’s got the LH44 touch to it. This IWC collaboration isn’t the only time the Mercedes champion has hit it off with style.

First off, Hamilton made a sizzling appearance at the Dutch GP press day, decked out head to toe in an all-black ensemble featuring a No. 85 ‘Tommy’ jersey, baggy sweatpants, and bold black boots, the F1 superstar set Twitter ablaze. Captioning his style moment with, “Tommy down to the socks @TommyHilfiger“, Hamilton left the fans speechless.

For ROSÉ, Kylian Mbappé, and Lewis Hamilton, journeys go beyond destinations reached.

Featuring a score by Hans Zimmer, RIMOWA’s new campaign shares their transformational journeys as they move around the world, and move the world around them.#RIMOWA #NeverStill

— RIMOWA (@RIMOWA) September 7, 2023

Yet Hamilton wasn’t done dropping surprises. In a fashionable twist, he teamed up with Paris Saint-Germain’s star forward, Kylian Mbappé, for Rimowa’s ‘Never Still’ campaign. If you haven’t caught a glimpse of this ad series yet, it celebrates the globe-trotting lifestyles of elite athletes and celebs, with Rimowa offering up swanky luggage for those who wander in style.

So happy traveling (and watching) to you. But before you go, did you hear about this one thing IWC does that would resonate with every Lewis Hamilton fan?

Alright, all you speed junkies and adrenaline chasers, here’s a fun nugget for you. Did you know that Lewis Hamilton, the Formula 1 superstar, shares an unexpected connection with the TOP GUN watches by IWC? And no, we’re not just talking about speed!

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