Preparing for Potential Bitcoin Dip? 5 Safe Haven Assets if Price Reverts to $20,000

Preparing for Potential Bitcoin Dip? 5 Safe Haven Assets if Price Reverts to $20,000

Bitcoin is one of the biggest losers in the last couple of weeks. The project has been trading negatively for a while, and experts predict further price dips.

This worries investors because BTC price falls usually cause the fall of other cryptos. But that doesn’t have to be the case. 

There are safe haven assets set for massive growth and gains even during turbulent times. Some of those assets, Wall Street Memes, Sonik, and Launchpad XYZ, investors can get on a presale at a lower price.

But that is not the best thing about these three cryptos. All revolutionize the crypto market, bringing new concepts to the table.

Although on presale, experts consider them the best long-term investment options that will give 1000x rewards to investors. If you want to protect yourself from Bitcoin losses, investing in them is your chance to become a millionaire and earn rewards during difficult times.

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Bitcoin to Stumble to $20k?

Despite the few price peaks, Bitcoin has been stagnating in recent weeks. After briefly crossing the $30 mark, Bitcoin returned to the $26k level.

Bitcoin had a terrible couple of weeks, trading at roughly a 12% lower price level. One of the reasons for the low performance is the news that SpaceX, Elon Musk’s company, liquidated its Bitcoin holdings. 

bitcoin price 2508

Experts predict the first support is to reach $25,500. The second is at $20,600.

It’s clear Bitcoin is in terrible shape and volatile. They expect multiple price changes in the upcoming weeks. One of the factors that will influence BTC price is the result of the SEC ruling on a Bitcoin ETF application. 

But don’t worry. 

The future of crypto doesn’t start and end with Bitcoin. There are many other crypto projects, safe haven assets, which are the best crypto projects to buy now. Here is why. 

Wall Street Memes is The Safest Investment Option Now After Bitcoin

Wall Street Memes is one of the best crypto ICOs this year. This fun and profitable meme coin has so far raised over $35 million in its presale. The project also announced its listing on the top-tier exchanges. 

The listings will happen on September 27th.

And while we’re expecting the listings and gains they will bring to investors, early investors are already profiting. Amidst the recent crypto market turbulence, Wall Street Memes grew and raised over $25 million.

The project grew from $0.033 to $0.0337, showing the massive potential. Experts predict this project will reach $0.06 by the end of the year. By 2025, Wall Street Memes will trade at around $0.15 and by 2030 at $0.40.

If this comes to be, Wall Street Memes will grow by over 1000x over the course of the decade.

So, if you want to invest in a rapidly growing project that can bring you massive ROI, Wall Street Memes is for you. Moreover, Wall Street Memes is a safe haven asset if you want to invest in a meme coin with utility.

Project investors receive exclusive rewards like early updates, exclusive content, and interactive experiences. Learn how to buy Wall Street Memes here.Wall Street Memes

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Sonik is The Safe Haven Asset for Investors Who Seek Substantial Gains

The newly launched meme coin, Sonik, is among the most exciting crypto releases this year. Named as the crypto set to achieve the quickest journey from 0 to 100M market cap, Sonik raised $100k in less than 24 hours of its presale. 

A community-oriented project, Sonik gives 90% of the tokens to community members through presale and rewards. Moreover, $SONIK’s presale and listing prices will be the same, allowing everyone to invest at a low price.

But those aren’t the only benefits investors receive. Thanks to Sonik’s staking system, investors get up to 1000% APY when holding their tokens. This is a terrific opportunity to earn passive income.

Further, investors can buy and stake simultaneously, transferring their purchased coins to the staking platform before they become claimable.

According to investors, Sonik will grow by 100x until 2030. So, if you want to invest in a meme project with massive potential and earn terrific passive income, Sonik is for you.

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Launchpad XYZ is Poised For 1,300% Returns by 2030

A revolution of Web3, Launchpad XYZ, is safe haven asset for everyone who wants access to everything Web3. 

The project has so far raised over $1 million in its presale, and experts predict 157% growth for the token by the end of the year. By 2025, Launchpad XYZ will grow to $0.21 and $0.50 by 2030.

With Launchpad XYZ, you can become a winner in the crypto space and find the top trading cryptos. You will also get training to become a successful trader.

Also, with Launchpad XYZ, you access everything related to Web3 from one place. So, if you want to become a top trader and earn massive gains, invest in Launchpad XYZ immediately. Learn how to buy Launchpad XYZ here.


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Litecoin is The Best Altcoin Investment Option Available

Litecoin broke past $85 in January and has been on a bullish run since. If this trend continues, Litecoin could reach $107 soon. 

Litecoin is one of the best altcoins and a safe haven asset thanks to its peer-to-peer transaction system. Litecoin has a faster transaction processing time than Bitcoin, making it an efficient token. This is also one of the reasons Litecoin is popular among investors. 

Preparing for Potential Bitcoin Dip? 5 Safe Haven Assets if Price Reverts to $20,000

Solana is Remains The Bitcoin Alternative Right Now

Despite the slight falls in the last couple of days, Solana is up by 110% since the beginning of the year

Predictions say Solana will recover losses and hit $100. The network had several crucial launches and expansions and a high volume of NFT sales coming through the network. 

Preparing for Potential Bitcoin Dip? 5 Safe Haven Assets if Price Reverts to $20,000

Final Words

Why risk and invest in Bitcoin when you can invest in safe-haven assets that will not back down during a crisis?

Wall Street Memes, Sonik, and Launchpad XYZ are the best and safest investment options currently. These are expected to gain value during difficult times.

And the best thing is that you can get them on presale at a lower price and enjoy massive rewards almost immediately. 

Wall Street Memes, Sonik, and Launchpad XYZ are long-term investments with the potential to make you rich. 

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