Ripple (XRP) Rebounds to $0.51 as Whales Shuffle 151 Million Token – Will it Remain There?

Ripple (XRP) Rebounds to $0.51 as Whales Shuffle 151 Million Token – Will it Remain There?

Ripple (XRP) has rebounded to $0.51 today, May 16, after slipping off the $0.5 level. With the minor comeback, whales have intensified their accumulation speed, shuffling up to 151 million XRP tokens.

Given the significant whale movement and the ongoing market-wide recovery, can XRP sustain the uptrend to reach $0.6? Let’s look at the on-chain data and recent price changes for clues.

Unknown Wallet Scoops Up 100M XRP Tokens

According to WhaleAlert, an unknown address, r99QSej32n, accumulated a massive 100 million XRP from Coincheck, a Japanese crypto exchange. This whale spent over $51 million on XRP coins based on current prices.

This massive accumulation comes following Ripple’s strategic collaborations with Bitstamp and Bitso. Often, whale movements impact market dynamics depending on whether they are sell or buy trades. However, it remains uncertain how the recent 100 million XRP transfer will impact XRP’s price.

XRP Option Open Interest Surges 15%: A Bullish Signal Emerges

The option open interest for XRP, representing the total number of outstanding futures contracts, has increased by over 15% and more than 2% in the last 24 hours.

Ripple (XRP) Rebounds to $0.51 as Whales Shuffle 151 Million Token - Will it Remain There?

The substantial 15% increase in XRP options open interest suggests traders anticipate heightened price fluctuations in the coming days or weeks. 

If the open interest continues to climb, traders may be positioning themselves for a significant price move. However, it’s crucial to note that open interest alone does not determine the direction of the price move. 

Price Analysis: XRP Could Hit $0.571 Resistance

Ripple ($XRP) is trading at $0.518, representing a price increase of over 3.56%. Today’s market setup suggests a slight recovery. The daily chart below shows that XRP recently bounced off the $0.460 support level, igniting an upward trajectory. 

Ripple (XRP) Rebounds to $0.51 as Whales Shuffle 151 Million Token - Will it Remain There?

XRP is heading toward the $0.571 resistance level, which could challenge further uptrend. The Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) indicator has crossed above its signal, suggesting a potential shift in momentum.

Ripple (XRP) Rebounds to $0.51 as Whales Shuffle 151 Million Token - Will it Remain There?

In addition, the XRP price is currently above the 20-day SMA Bollinger Band line. This suggests the coin’s upward momentum is gaining strength, as it has broken above the middle band.

Furthermore, the RSI for XRP is above the 50 level, indicating that the buyers are in control. So, now may be the best time to consider opening a long position on XRP.

Alan Santana, a well-known crypto analyst, shared a bullish XRP prediction on TradingView on May 14, 2024. According to this analyst, XRP is expected to surge 200% in the coming months. 

Alan stated: “We are using a six-month projection time window, but the general belief is that XRP can move before many of the major Altcoins.”

Ripple (XRP) Rebounds to $0.51 as Whales Shuffle 151 Million Token - Will it Remain There?

This means XRP’s will trigger a rally for other altcoins in the crypto market. Moreover, the analyst presented some reasons behind his assessment. He observed that XRP typically experiences a bullish wave every 6 to 8 months. 

However, it has been over ten months (308 days) since the last XRP bullish wave. This extended waiting period suggests that XRP is due for another bullish run.

Alan also notes that the recent correction and consolidation phase for XRP are positive signs. He highlighted another bullish indicator: the “higher lows” formation in XRP’s price chart. 

For context, higher lows occur when each subsequent price dip is higher than the previous one. This pattern suggests that buyers are stepping in at higher levels, providing better support for the price as it moves upward. 

Alan explains:

“Higher lows mean that the bulls (buyers) have the upper hand when it comes to the long-term trajectory of this chart.” Finally, he stated, “Once it (XRP) starts going, it will go really strong for a very long while.”

While XRP is poised for a significant rally in the coming days, investors might want to check the new player WienerAI, which is already causing positive buzz within the market.

Ripple Alternative: WienerAI, Harnessing AI Power for Smarter Crypto Trading

While the name WienerAI might sound funny, the utility and tech behind this project are innovative and practical. At its core, WienerAI has a trading bot feature powered by artificial intelligence designed to help crypto traders easily identify lucrative buying opportunities.

But WienerAI’s capabilities extend beyond just analysis. It also enables seamless, fee-free token swaps across decentralized exchanges (DEXs). With WienerAI, traders will no longer have to worry about missing out on opportunities or being outpaced by other bots.

Additionally, WienerAI incorporates a built-in staking protocol, allowing users to earn rewards by holding and staking the platform’s native token. This combination of advanced trading capabilities and staking opportunities generates significant buzz around the WienerAI project within the crypto community.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity: WienerAI Presale Still Open for Early Investors

The WienerAI presale has just begun, but it’s already gaining traction. Now is the time for investors to get in early to secure substantial gains. 

Experienced meme coin traders know early discovery and investing in a promising meme coin is crucial. It allows them to benefit from the massive gains, sometimes reaching 1000X, that these coins can deliver.

The WienerAI team has made participating in the presale incredibly straightforward and accessible. Investors can purchase directly from the website using cryptocurrencies like ETH, USDT, BNB, and Solana or even through credit/debit card payments. Right now, you can buy the coin at $0.000707.

For those seeking opportunities in the meme coin space, the WienerAI presale presents a chance to get in early. With the presale just starting and excitement building, investors have a window to secure their position before potential price surges.

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