Roxanne From The Ultimatum Has a Bona Fide Business Empire

Roxanne From The Ultimatum Has a Bona Fide Business Empire

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The finale and reunion episodes of The Ultimatum: Marry or Move on Season 2 are now streaming on Netflix, meaning we can finally find out which of this year’s five couples are still together.

One of the more compelling cast members this season was Roxanne Kaiser, an entrepreneur who seemed to find it easier to express her love and passion for her business than she did letting her walls down for boyfriend Antonio.

What does Roxanne do for a living?

Roxanne is the founder and CEO of Pasted Nip, a brand she runs with her friend and business partner Audrey. They creates longer-lasting, more comfortable braless options for women and which describes itself ad “the market’s most premium nipple cover.”

“I have always loved pasties,” Roxanne writes on her brand’s website. “Anyone who has known me since I was young, knows my love for pasties. I also knew there was a way to make them better – more comfortable, better quality, last longer – while being a brand that represents empowerment and badass. I essentially wanted to create a better pasty for anyone out there who wanted to go braless – and that is exactly what we did.”

Pasted Nip is also, she says, about building a community centered around the empowerment of women, by helping to boost their confidence and making them feel sexier and more comfortable, no matter what they’re wearing. And following Roxanne’s global exposure on The Ultimatum, business seems to be booming.

“My business is doing great. We hit big-box stores earlier this year which has been great and a challenge of its own,” she recently told My Imperfect Life. “We just got a warehouse, which has been a crazy transition. I can’t have nails anymore because I’m moving boxes like crazy. I’m trying to work through this new phase of my life.”

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