Scott Evans Calls Out Chris Evans’ Stans for “Destroying” Anyone He’s Tried to Date

Scott Evans Calls Out Chris Evans’ Stans for “Destroying” Anyone He’s Tried to Date

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Scott Evans is coming to brother Chris Evans’ defense amid fans not exactly being here for his relationship with Alba Baptista. To the point where even The Guardian wrote an entire article titled “Knives Out … Chris Evans Pays Price for Having a Private Life.”

Speaking on the Viall Files, Scott said this: “The way people can be can make it pretty hard to date someone like that. Because you think, ‘I’m just dating a person, he’s a guy’ and then all of a sudden it’s article, after article, after article, after post, after tag, after tag, for everybody just being like, ‘you are a piece of crap,’ to anybody he’s tried to date and just destroying them and telling them they suck. You can only take that for so long and it makes relationships kind of hard for him.”

Scott (who’s starring in the Barbie movie, FYI) added of Chris’ career: “It’s been, like, a slow burn over the years, it’s not like he catapults to fame. We’ve been experiencing, and we watched the internet happen. Twitter wasn’t around when he first started making movies, and so just being able to just see it all…kind of what can happen. It can be a dark place and people can get very bold with the things that they think are appropriate.”

Chris is currently taking a break from social media, which he announced… on social media, saying in a since-deleted tweet.

“Hey, everyone. I’m treating myself to a summer with less screen time, so I’m taking a little break from Twitter and IG,” the tweet read. “See you soon! Much love!”

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