Seahawks Trade for Rams’ Aaron Donald

Seahawks Trade for Rams’ Aaron Donald

Aaron Donald might be the greatest defensive player of his generation, his ability to either avoid or endure injuries being among the reasons.

Jamal Adams was on that same GOAT path but is now fading for his bad luck in that same aforementioned injury department.

So what – other than sitting at opposite ends of a spectrum – do Donald and Adams have to do with each other?

Prominent Seattle Seahawks media voices are brainstorming a change that would bring Donald to town while sending Adams packing.

On Seattle Sports’ “Brock and Salk,” Brock Huard and Mike Salk discussed the idea.

Salk asked, “He’s a huge difference-maker. Would you trade the farm right now for Aaron Donald?”

And if you somehow got him? What about Adams?

Huard said, “You probably have to cut Jamal. You’d have to eat (Adams’) dead cap. And you’d probably need to have to free up (even more to have) enough cap space. So again, this would be an all-in [move].”

“All-in,” indeed – and also highly improbable of all coming true in a salary-cap league, as the hosts readily conceded.

Donald brings a $13.5 million base salary in 2023. He’s “worth it” in the sense that has made the Pro Bowl in all nine of his NFL seasons and he’s a seven-time All-Pro. But “worth it” doesn’t make it “affordable.”

By our calculations, this trade would leave Los Angeles trying to massage away $41 million in dead money.

And Seattle releasing Jamal Adams? It can be done. But the dread-money swallow would be a net minus of $16 million.

Adams is a uniquely talented playmaker when healthy. But he is entering a third straight season in which that might not be the case.

Said Salk: “God, don’t you find a way to make it work if it’s Aaron Donald?”

That question requires two answers. Yes, you’d like Aaron Donald. But no, you aren’t likely to find “a way to make it work.”

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