SEC Lawsuit Against Binance And Coinbase Might Cause A Stir, But These Coins Will 10x Your Investment

SEC Lawsuit Against Binance And Coinbase Might Cause A Stir, But These Coins Will 10x Your Investment

Since the collapse of FTX, the Securities and Exchange Commission has been threatening to crack down on the industry, and the lawsuit directed at Binance is of no surprise.

The exchange has been coming under a lot of pressure lately from regulatory entities, so this was only a matter of time, the lawsuit against Coinbase, however, is more surprising. Considered the market’s most secure exchange, the SEC is targeting them for selling coins that should be considered securities.

13 in total were named, including Solana (SOL) and Cardano (ADA), and their prices have since taken a huge hit.

So, what does this mean for investors? 

There is Light at the End of the Tunnel in the Form of Presales

The market has been performing very strangely since the announcement. It took a massive hit once the lawsuits were announced, just like when the news of FTX broke. However, since then, it has rebounded unexpectedly quickly. Take Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), crypto’s two largest coins, for example, both of these saw their prices plummet on Tuesday but then completely rebound back on Wednesday.

This could be because they escaped mention in the SEC announcements, or it could be that the Binance and Coinbase retaliation has eased investor fears. Either way, expect a lot of volatility at the top of the Bitcoin and altcoin market.

Where does that leave investors, then? Well, it is much too risky to get involved with most altcoins currently so the place to turn is the presale market. These coins are shielded at the moment and can give investors a no-risk investment. Your investment is basically incubated until the listings begin, so you can reevaluate the market then and decide how you want to proceed.

Let’s take a look at some of the best crypto presales now that should give investors a 10x return 

Wall Street Memes – Presale Pace Would Indicate This Coin is Going to Pump

The presale of Wall Street Memes ($WSM) is just about to pass the $5 million raised despite still not being two weeks old. The announcement by the SEC has not stopped the money coming in either, which bodes well for investors.

This is the beauty of the best meme coins, they tend not to be affected by outside market conditions, so they make an ideal choice during a bearish market.

Wall Street Memes came to prominence in 2021 after a bunch of Redditors took on Wall Street and even shut down a hedge fund. Since then, their following has grown to over 1 million across their various social media platforms.

It is this kind of community that can cause a meme coin to explode, so 10x return should be the minimum this project is hoping for. Find out how to buy Wall St memes here.

wall street memes

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AiDoge – Another Meme Coin Hoping for Minimum 10x Gains

AiDoge (Ai) is another coin likely unaffected by the SEC news. The meme coin’s presale sold out in just around a month and raised just under $15 million. A good sign for its future is that investors are still piling in to buy the coin at the listing price before the listings begin. Find out to buy AiDoge here.

It will be the first-ever crypto meme generation platform, and AI technology will help users make the highest quality memes. However, the stand-out feature, in our opinion, is that it will be the first meme-to-earn platform. This means the best meme creators will actually be rewarded with native currency. A novel idea we think will translate to 10x gains minimum.


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DeeLance – The Solution for Gig Workers And Employers

During a volatile period, it’s always advisable to look for presales that you feel could be a real players once they are officially launched. DeeLance (DLANCE) will aim to be the number one site for connecting employers and freelancers, so if they can manage this, a 10x pump will be only the start. Their decentralized platform will make use of Web 3.0 technology that they hope will give them the edge.

The main benefit of this that stands out to us is the peer-to-peer payment system. Traditional sites like Upwork, while functional, can be frustratingly costly, especially for freelancers. The DeeLance model will eliminate the need for a third-party platform to process payments and will allow them to charge less than legacy sites.

NFT tokens to symbolize ownership and an escrow payment system are just some of the novel ideas they hope will make them the number one site for both freelancers and employers.


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yPredict – All the Best AI Programmers on one Platform

A bit simplistic, but if you are looking through a presale and can find something you feel the market is crying out for, then that might be a decent investment opportunity. yPredict (YPRED) has looked at the crypto landscape and noticed how AI technology is taking over at the expense of the everyday trader.

Their solution is to incentivize the top 1% of these Ai developers to share their work on their platform, and users can get access to this data just by purchasing YPRED.

70% worth of every YPRED purchase will go to these developers to ensure they want to use the platform, and considering there is a waiting list of 20,000+ to use the platform, we think the market likes this presale. Learn how to buy Ypredict here!

ypredict rocket

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Launchpad XYZ – Become a Master of Web 3.0 Technology 

We are sure most of you reading this have been, at one time or another, overwhelmed by the latest development in the Web 3.0 sphere. It is a constantly evolving industry, so a platform that has everything you need to know about the technology in one place should pump by at least 10x. Find out how to buy Launchpad XYZ here.

That is what Launchpad XYZ (LPX) will be once it is launched. What is particularly attractive about this is they will attempt to service every level of Web 3.0 knowledge. You can enter the site as a beginner and leave knowing the best trading strategies you need to apply to make yourself a Web 3.0 master.


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The SEC lawsuits will likely hang like a crowd over the crypto market for a while until we find out more information about them. At times like this, it is advisable to stay away from the bigger altcoins and instead look at presales for up-and-coming options. It is a conservative prediction to say the five we have discussed should see a 10x return on your investment. 

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